Welcome New Tour de Dog Viewers

David Sylvester and Chiva are a human and canine best friend team exploring North America by bicycle to encourage and to teach responsible animal/human relationships.

David is a biomedical engineer and vaccine scientist who after two years of working on a Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challenge Project is redirecting his career and following his true passion in life: animal welfare.

The goals of Tour de Dog are to raise awareness about the challenges and problems animals shelters and control facilities face and to improve their images and capabilities.

The Tour de Dog plans to accomplish these goals in three stages:


  • Touring animal shelters and control facilities to gain knowledge 
  • Networking with organizations, groups, and individuals
  • Speaking engagements and presentations with communities and media outlets
  • Blogging, reporting, and sharing stories and findings
  • Fundraising to support shelters and facilities that are visited


  • Directing a video documentary that predominately details current human/animal relationships in the United States
  • Fundraising to support project


  • Implementing solutions to improve facilities in need