Why the Tour de Dog?

The primary purpose of Tour de Dog is for you to see us going to extremes biking to and climbing the highest peaks in the lower 48 states, and to make you stop and reflect on five major topics. 

1.  Live it up!                                                                                                          Tour de Dog wants you to remember to live life to the fullest while you can.  Never be afraid to reinvent yourself and dare to be bold.  Listen to the deeper inner voices inside yourself and follow your true passions in life.  We want to show by our example that anything in life is possible.  You must believe in yourself and not be afraid to make your dreams a reality.  Never give up!

2.  Enjoy and Respect the Outdoors 

Tour de Dog wants you who see us to ask yourself what you are doing to live actively and to enjoy and to protect the environment. We want to show by our example that interaction with Mother Nature leads to fuller appreciation and protection of our environment.

3.  Reduce and Conserve

Tour de Dog wants you to see our examples of sustainable lifestyle and to ask yourself what you can do differently to reduce your carbon footprints and to begin doing things differently to save and conserve energy. Not everyone will be able to go to our lengths, but car pooling, biking, recycling, or just turning off the computer when not in use are a few places to start.

4.  Love and Celebrate Your Pets

Tour de Dog wants you to reflect on your relationships with your pets and animals in general. We want you to ask yourself what was the last activity you did side by side with your pets. Maybe you won't climb every peak like the Tour de Dog, but you will climb your own mountains by going for a daily walk or the pet park. An active pet is a happy pet and a great friend, like Chiva.

5.  Give Back to Your Community 

Tour de Dog wants you to reflect that pets and animals should be celebrated and protected, but also that animal shelters around the country need your support to find good homes for animals like they did for Chiva. By our example we want to inspire you to get involved with worthy animal and community projects near you.

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