You can support this journey by the following ways:

  1. JOIN  Anyone and everyone who wants to bike or hike with us is more than welcome.  Bring your pup if you have one and think he/she is up for the trek.  Several people have already signed up for various legs of the journey.  The trip is all about getting people to step away from their daily routines to live a more adventurous and environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Get in touch with me if you are interested…I would love to have you join me: 
  2. EMPLOY  Although I am pursuing my dream, the ride needs to translate into work if I am going to sustain it.  Initial ideas include writing articles, photography, documentary, and giving educational presentations.  Chiva and I also make great product marketers and can give your company testimony.  I plan to develop mutual supporting relationships with companies that believe in the trek’s mission and goals.   
  3. SPONSOR  The entire trip is completely self-funded, but I warmly welcome those who would like to sponsor.  I greatly appreciate any offerings and will do my best to help you in return.  A sincere thank you in advance for those who do sponsor the trek. 
  4. INTERACT  Many friends have already given me much-needed suggestions about how to make this trek more of a success.  I would love to hear your recommendations.  Your words of encouragement and support go a long way towards helping me complete my goal.  
  5. DONATE  All money raised will go 100% towards confronting animal cruelty and protecting our fragile environment.  I am teaming up with the Humane Society and Sierra Club because I know they are the most effective in dealing with these burning issues.  Through your donations, we can make a difference.  Please see the “Donate” link for more information.