David and Chiva Approved Products

David is able to make the bike touring lifestyle sustainable and give 100% of donations to charity by identifying and doing honest work for sponsors.  Two such jobs are advertising and selling the best performing dog products he comes across.  Chiva must be well equipped for all types of climate and terrain, and he will share what she uses.  Below are her favorite Tour de Dog items.  If buying, please let the respective company know you discovered their product through David and Chiva and Tour de Dog.  Thank you!   

Click Here to Buy Your Own Award Winning DoggyRide Trailer!

Chiva and I use the DoggyRide Novel because it:

  • Allows me to bring Chiva anywhere without the use of a motorized vehicle .
  • Enhances my leg workout!
  • Enables Chiva to go on long bicycle rides with me.  When she is tired of running, she goes in the DoggyRide.
  • Has a safe, comfortable and resilient design that Chiva adores.  She always is up for going for a ride.
  • Performs excellent and reliable on the steepest, windiest roads in the country.
  • Brings smiles to thousands of people on the streets as Chiva and I ride by.  I have seriously made many new friends because of the DoggyRide.
  • Protects Chiva from aggressive dogs that we come across as we tour the country.
  • Makes an excellent grocery/luggage trailer.

Get your pup a Chiva approved Zentek Temperature Regulating Performance Coat

Chiva uses the Zentek Performance Coat because it:

  • Protects her from the wind and thus enables her to hike longer in the cold by conserving her energy.
  • Cools her in hot weather with special temperature regulating fabric technology.  This feature is very important for warmer temperatures. (YES, it really works!).
  • Keeps her warm and snug when sleeping in the tent during below freezing nights.
  • Has a hooded-like neck extension that other dog coats do not have.
  • Because it is stylish, and she enjoys it!

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