About David


Because David's Mom knows him best, he asked her to write this section.

David’s family and friends always knew that he was destined for a life filled with adventure and animals.  As one of four brothers, his days were filled with wild big wheel rides down the hill in front of our house, biking or hiking around the neighboring countryside, building forts in the woods, or playing with family pets which consisted of dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes (hidden in his closet unbeknownst to me), iguanas, and insect pets that lived out in the yard.  Grace, one of our cats, was even David’s blanket as he rubbed her to relax for a nap.  It was also obvious that he would want his life to include travel because he was the only kid in a car seat to want a map book so he could follow along the routes for family trips.  His dedication to fitness was apparent as he exercised and mentally prepared himself for a variety of sports through the years.  Looking back now at David growing up, I realize that his announcement that he wanted to devote his career to improving human relationships with animals should have come as no surprise.  The Tour de Dog fits right in with his interest and passion for animals, health and fitness, and adventure.