Please Recite Sura-e-Fatiha For Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi

Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi, one of the finest name in Soazkhwani in Indo-Pak sub continent region. When ever or where ever Soazkhwani discussion will be held, Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi's name will be on the mark. Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi has an honor to recite Soazkhwani 50 years continuously in karachi from 1958 - 2008 and dedicatedly from last 35 years at Jahangir Park and Nishtar Park (formerly Patel Park) in one of the biggest Majlis-e-Aza event of Ashura Majalis in Karachi, Pakistan.

Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi was born in Meerut city India in 1932 and completed his basic education from Faiz-e-Aam High School and did Matriculation from there. Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi's maternal grandfather Syed Mohammad Jan was also one of the reputed name in SozKhawani in his era. His maternal grandfather promote him to recite Soazkhawni when he was only 10 years old and guide him all basics and initial steps of Soazkhawni. He was a lead narrator (Sahib-e-Biaz) of renowned Anjuman of Meerut city in India. He came to Pakistan after partition in 1948 and start initially Noha khawni in Karachi and around 25 years did Noha Khawni in lead majalis-e-aza and Jaloos.
Allamah Rasheed Turabi introduced him first time in Majlis-e-Aza event of Ashura Majalis as a SozKhawan where he received impressive and remarkable response from both Allamah Rasheed Turabi and spectators.