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Welcome to the personal homepage of Syd's Eastside Auto, on Google Pages.

Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Inc. owns and operates the Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars, Trucks and Rebuilder Vehicles website.  The site represents a significant investment in online auto parts sales for both recycled used auto parts as well as for a growing range of new aftermarket auto parts.  This site offers our complete database of automotive parts online so that anyone may search our inventory.  There are some parts that can't be searched for online, such as door hinges.  Presently, we can add them to inventory, but the software we use offers no categories for certain such items.  We hope that the software will improve as time permits its development.

Syd's Eastside Auto specializes in providing parts for late model American cars and light trucks as well as some of the more popular imports.  We also have an extremely good selection of late model Buick parts, as they are quite popular in this area.

Search New and Used Auto Parts Online...

There is something more to our auto parts search than meets the eye, our complete inventory of auto parts is cross-indexed using the Hollander Interchange.  This means that we provide auto parts search results which include all compatible interchangeable parts across makes, models and years from our inventory.  As an example, we may not have an alternator from a 1999 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup in stock, but we do have one from a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer that uses the same part. 

To distinguish between our inventory of new and used auto parts, all new auto parts are marked as "New" in the auto part's notes.  Any auto part which is not marked as a "New" part in the part's notes should be considered a used part unless told otherwise by the Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage staff.  Furthermore, new auto parts may also be distinguished with an "aftermarket" or "OEM" designation for clarity.

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Featured Auto Parts & Automotive Products Showcase

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts is now expanding into the new auto parts realm, as well.  We have always offered a selection of frequently replaced new aftermarket auto parts for our customers, such as headlamps, turn signals and wiper blades.  Now that Syd's Eastside Auto is extending its reach to more garages, mechanics and customers, we are also expanding our product line with further offerings for new auto parts and automotive products. We are starting this endeavour to meet the demands of our current customers by offering a new featured parts and products area on the website to showcase some of our new auto part and accessory offerings. 

Featured Auto Parts & Automotive Products Showcase


Used Cars, Trucks & Rebuildable Vehicles

We also offer a catalog of our current inventoty of used cars, used pickup trucks and salvageable rebuilder project vehicles online. 

Used Autos Online Catalog 

Automotive Resources

Actually, we offer some other great automotive resources, too.  It only takes a toll-free call at 1-800-505-5119 to order any new aftermarket auto part or talk to us about our used parts.

And we are currently building an index of Automotive Articles. We have a pretty good start on it, as well.  Check out:

-These are all original articles that we have written expressly for our website, though we do encourage those that wish to, to download the text and offer them on their website as long as the text remains unchanged and the author's block footer remains intact with no alterations and the links intact.

Users are always encouraged to provide us feedback on the website, using any one of a number of online contact forms available at the Contact Us page.

We have plans on adding more and offering more in the future, too.  In partnership with Google, we have setup a much more sophisticated search dedicated to providing automotive and motorsports related results, which you may have read about in our Automotive Search article.  You are welcome to check it out at Automotive


The 800-ton Gorilla... 

It's funny how the internet has changed.  It is much harder to break into the online world, even for an established brick-and-mortar business like Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, which has been in the automotive industry as a respected business in one incarnation or another for over 50 years now.  

The internet has slowed considerably over the past few years.  What follows was posted sometime ago details our struggle in getting noticed when we were expecting the Google PR update.  We weren't getting our website's PageRank updated through Google, and it was well late into the second PR update that Google finally recognized our efforts in marketing the site... 

It's funny how ridiculous the internet world wide web is getting about keywords and jumping to the assumption that some are spamming.  Despite the "Syd's Eastside" in front of our name, we are having great difficulty with our website at Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Inc. Apparently, some get the impression that we are trying to corner the market on some automotive keywords.  Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.  We are just trying to get listed!  And the fact that we use a very descriptive name seems to be getting in the way, but we are real automotive professionals dealing in new aftermarket and recycled used automotive parts, and we are a licensed South Dakota used auto dealership. We not only have a brick and mortar business, but a complete salvage yard full of salvage vehicles and automotive parts. 

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars & Rebuilders is the full official working name for the website. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the sign out in front of our store clearly displays "Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars & Rebuilders" as the name we are doing business under, there clearly seem to be quite a few that don't like the fact that we are using so many keywords in our name.  Therefore, we often have to change the title of our website in listings just to accomodate paranoid directories, link exchange partners and what-have-you.  In the meantime, Google itself appears the most paranoid, only offering our homepage a terrible PageRank of 1 (???).  This is actually quite strange since we have followed Google's webmaster guidelines to the letter.  Soon, this website will have been up a year and it currently offers over 75 pages of original content web pages (see our Site Map to confirm).


 Feel free to stop in at Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars & Rebuilders and check out our website, you are officially invited!  ;)