List of Winners

2016 Show Results


Best of Show – Sponsored by AMMS

Cherchez La Femme   By David Hay

People’s Choice

RAN Wessex HAS 31   By David Forsyth

Glen Porter Memorial Trophy – Sponsored by Creative Models Australia

RAAF PBY5 Catalina    By Allan Withers

Best Junior – Sponsored by Australian Plastic Modellers Association

IS-3M By Silvia Maffei

Best Australian Subject – Sponsored by Australian Plastic Modellers Association

Bathurst BMW Z4 By Dennis Singh

Best of British – Sponsored by Jabberwocky

Chieftain Mk10 By Li Choo

Best Female Figure / Nose Art – Sponsored by Q T Bunni

WW1 “Anzac” Nurse By Greg Neal

Most Unusual Subject – Sponsored by Big Bunny

ASR Float Cuckoo By David Muir

Best AFV – Sponsored by AMMS

Zundap KS-750 By Eric Klein

Best Biplane – Sponsored by IPMS NSW

Rumpler C.IV By Stephen Leslie

Military Vehicles Small Scale

1st Place                      Zundapp KS-750                                 Eric Klein

2nd Place                     Luchs                                                   Clayton Ockerby

3rd Place                      T-34-76 M42                                       Juan Contreras

Highly Commended   BRDM-2                                              Jiri Kure

Highly Commended   WW1 Female Tank                            Phil Wordsworth


Military Vehicles Medium Scale

1st Place                      Firefly #24                                           Clayton Ockerby

2nd Place                     Panzer IV #825                                    Bill Spargo


Military Vehicles Large Scale

1st Place                      Mk V Estonian                                    Clayton Ockerby

2nd Place                     Flak 38t                                               Matthew Russell

3rd Place                      1915 Rolls Royce Armoured Car     Greg Neal


Military Jets Small Scale

1st Place                      Mig-15 Czech                                      Jiri Kure

2nd Place                     J-20                                                      Ben Wang

3rd Place                      Me-262                                               Clayton Ockerby

Highly Commended   Mig-15 PRK                                        Jiri Kure


Military Jets Medium Scale

1st Place                      Mig-15 PRK                                         Ben Wang

2nd Place                     Kfir C-2                                                Miro Adamovic

3rd Place                      F-15                                                     Miro Adamovic

Highly Commended   Mig-29                                                Miro Adamovic

Highly Commended   Me-262                                              Ben Wang


Military Jets Large Scale

1st Place                      F-4J Phantom II                                   Miro Adamovic


Military Props Small Scale

1st Place                      Avro Lancaster                                    Barry McDonnell

2nd Place                     Bristol Beaufighter                             Li Choo

3rd Place                      Bearcat                                                 Barry McDonnell

Highly Commended   PBY-5 Catalina                                   Allan Withers

Highly Commended   Be-12                                                   Glen Burns


Military Props Medium Scale

1st Place                      P-47D Thunder Bolt                            Miro Adamovic

2nd Place                     Spitfire PR XIX                                     Gus Obarzanek

3rd Place                      F4U-5N Corsair                                   Kev Chenney

Highly Commended   Ki-44-11                                              Kev Chenney

Highly Commended   La-7                                                     Kev Chenney


Military Props Large Scale

1st Place                      Rumpler                                              Steve Leslie

2nd Place                     Spitfire XVIe                                        Steve Leslie

3rd Place                      Roland CIIa                                          Steve Leslie

Highly Commended   RAAF Piper Cub                                 Jeremy Cheung



1st Place                      Sikorsky H1GB VNAF                           Barry McDonnell

2nd Place                     RAN Wessex HAS31                            David Forsyth

3rd Place                      EH-101 Merlin                                      Jeremy Cheung

Highly Commended   Bell Sioux A1-904                                David Forsyth



Civil Aircraft

1st Place                      ANA 727-100                                       James Argaet

2nd Place                     737/800 QANTAS                                James Argaet

3rd Place                      B737-200                                             Bill Spargo


Fictional Figures

1st Place                      Ice Queen                                            Daniel O’Connon

2nd Place                     Joker                                                     David Hay

3rd Place                      Victory on Endor                                Jeremy Cheung

Highly Commended   Fireball Fighting Suit                        Jeremy Cheung


Fictional Vehicles / Craft

1st Place                      Cannon Tortoise                                  Glen Burns

2nd Place                     Pig Tank                                                Glen Burns

3rd Place                      Imperial Star Destroyer                      Andrew Jones



1st Place                      IJN Fuso                                               Paul Lee

2nd Place                     ASR Float “Cuckoo”                             Dave Muir

3rd Place                      Seehund Submarine                            Jeremy Cheung

Highly Commended   HMS Prince of Wales                          Scott Pfaff

Highly Commended   USS Hornet                                          Darren Callaby


Historical Figures

1st Place                      King Tiger Officer                               David Hay

2nd Place                     WW1 Anzac Nurse                              Greg Neal

3rd Place                      French Fusilier                                    David McDonald

Highly Commended   Ian Mclean                                          3rd Lighthorse Brigade at the Nek

Highly Commended   Gebirgsjager                                       Eric Klein


1st Place                      “1944”                                                 Mario Marangoni

2nd Place                     SAS LRDG Truck                                  Lenny Li

3rd Place                      Before the Bulge                                 Mario Marangoni



1st Place                      Cher Chez La Femme                          David Hay

2nd Place                     Battle of Bardia                                   Mario Marangani

3rd Place                      Deserted Tiger                                    Andrew Judson

Highly Commended   Enemy at the Belgian Gate                 Jeremy Cheung

Highly Commended   66’ Pony                                              Mario Marangoni


Civil Vehicles – Street

1st Place                      1967 Corvette                                     Chris Cole

2nd Place                     MGB                                                    Ron Praschl

3rd Place                      Sunbeam Tiger                                   Ron Praschl

Highly Commended   Subaru BRZ                                         Ron Praschl


Civil Vehicles – Race

1st Place                      Ferrari 575                                          Dennis Singh

2nd Place                     Bugatti Type 8                                     Chris Cole

3rd Place                      BMW Z4 Bathurst                                Dennis Singh

Highly Commended   Kurts Midget                                       Chris Cole


Custom Cars / Hot Rods

1st Place                      ’49 Mercury                                        Paul Sammut

Civil Motorcyles

1st Place                      09 Yamaha YZR-M1                            Lee Adams

2nd Place                     Honda RC166                                      Chris Cole

3rd Place                      Ducatti 996R                                       Lee Adams


Open Category

1st Place                      18cm Canone                                      Glen Burns


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