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Azusa Fukujima's letter

My name is Azusa Fukujima, councillor for Iwaki-City, Fukushima prefecture.


As I write this letter from my hometown Iwaki-city, it appears just like any other ordinary day. Clear blue sky, bright young leaves and blossoming flowers are invigorating to my eyes.


However, Iwaki-city is located within 40 km radius from damaged stricken nuclear power plant, Fukushima Dai-ichi.

March 11th earthquake of magnitude of 9.0 not only claimed the loss of 300 lives but also destroyed fond memories Iwaki residents had of their city.

Today, Iwaki city continues to suffer not only from severe damages caused by earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, and aftershocks but also of rumors of radiation in our produce, livestock, milk and fish. 

One month after the disaster, our lifeline was completely destroyed. Supplies for water, food and petrol became scare and access to these became very difficult.

The complete silence fell on the town as 34,000 residents abandoned their homes in fear of nuclear radiation. Of those, 10,000 people are still living in evacuation centers. They have lost a member of their family, and their home.

Residents are working hard together to rebuild Iwaki city but concern over Nuclear crisis is on every residents’ minds. I hear remorse from residents” if only we had no nuclear disaster…” The radiation from damaged plant has spread to our crystal clear blue sky, green lush fields, and ocean contaminating air, soil, all living creatures, land and marine life (fauna and flora, fish), livestock and crop.

 And today, nuclear crisis remains unresolved leading to anxiety in many residents. For the past 2 months residents suffered tremendous stress from fear of radiation which can't be seen with naked eyes.

At present, 80,000 residents near stricken power plant have inevitably left their beloved home not knowing if they can return.  

I am faced with uncertainty that we too may be confronted to make a very hard decision to leave our beloved town.  I only hope that nuclear crisis is resolved soon.

Being a mother of 1 and 3 years old infants, I am concerned of the impact radiation will have on my children if I am to continue raising them in Iwaki city.

Currently all childcare canters, primary and secondary schools are restricting outdoor activities. Air circulators in each class rooms are monitored carefully to prevent radiation entering the building. The children are unable to lead the normal life.

The government of Japan has assured that radiation level of up to 20 micro seabelt per annum to be safe for outdoor activities. However the opinions are divided among nuclear scientists as to the level of radiation they consider to be safe, frustrating concerned parents and guardians.

I only wish we can allow our children to run outside without having to worry about radiation.

I only wish we can say to our children you can eat produce from soil of Fukushima.

I want children not to condemn themselves that they were born in Fukushima.

As parent, my worries are endless.

There is no clear resolution to 3.11 disaster and nuclear crisis which engulfed us but all of us here, the victims and evacuees, are working extremely hard to rebuild Fukushima.

Our priority is to protect the future of our children and to bring happiness to Iwaki city and Fukushima prefecture.

Please support Iwaki city and Fukushima and their children in this rebuilding effort.

Any ideas or an action to bring resolution to nuclear crisis so that our children would not have to suffer the dire consequences is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to “Sydney rainbow stay project" for their wonderful plan to provide "home stay" for Fukushima children.



Yours sincerely,

Azusa Fukujima