Computerbank specials

Special's from Computerbank Victoria, West Melbourne


Computerbank Victoria is a recycler of quality computers in West Melbourne.  We have ten years experience in the industry.  All our machines are tested and refurbished with ubuntu linux.  Our distribution includes everything you need for everyday computer use including:

Games including board games, arcade games, strategy and kids games

Edutainment including a touch typing tutor

Graphics including the Gimp image manipulation tool and Tux Paint 

Internet including the Firefox web browser, Gaim instand messanger, skype, Thunderbird Mail client, Xchat irc client

Multimedia tools for viewing videos and mp3's

Office including Adobe reader, GNUCash, and the openoffice suite.

Also includes  tools for connecting to the internet via  wireless/dialup/ADSL


At the moment we have 2 fantastic machines on special. 

HP Celeron 2.4ghz 

This computer does not come with CDROM drive (although you can fit your own notebook size "Multibay" CD/DVDROM), monitor, keyboard or mouse (both have to have USB connectors) 

Fantastic second machine, great for web surfing and general office work with OpenOffice.  Has more USB connectors than you can poke a stick at!  

$80 with 256mb DDR ram and 10 Gb Hard Drive.

$60 for concession card holders with 256mb DDR ram and 40Gb Hard Drive.

Click here for ZDNet review




Dell P4 1.8ghz

This computer does not come with CDROM drive (although you can fit your own laptop CDROM), monitor, keyboard or mouse (either ps2 or USB)

Great machine for any task.  Has all the plugs at the back so will connect to just about anything, ps2 keyboards and mice, USB, and serial ports.  Less than 10kgs too, I posted one of these machines to my parents in country NSW for less than $20 via Australia Post registered post.  I love the way this machine folds out to reveal its insides, easy to add more ram or replace the hard drive.

$80 without Ram (can be purchased very cheaply from any computer shop)  and 10Gb Hard Drive 


$65 for concession card holders with 256mb RAM and 20Gb HD

Dell user guide

We are selling these machines to the general public as they lack CDROM drives. Funds raised will be directed towards our operations.

Last updated aug 1st 2008