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  • Battle for Armageddon.zip   16999k - 23 Aug 2011, 20:16 by Mark Sheppard (v1)
    ‎Battle for Armageddon is a strategic wargame that simulates the conflict between Orks and the Imperium for control of the Imperial hive world Armageddon. The war involved tens of millions of combatants and took two decades to resolve. By its end, the lives of countess millions of Ork and Imperial warriors had been lost. The game concentrates on the campaign fought for control of the vital armageddon Secundus are of the planet. The vast factory hive cities on this continent produced over 80% of the planet's industrial wealth and were vital for the Imperial war effort. If Armageddon secundus were conquered, the Imperial forces would be starved of ammunition and equipment, and the planet would fall to the Orks. The Orks decided to use three whole tribes, over half their entire invasion force, to capture the continent. The resulting campaign lasted for almost two years and was one of the bloodiest in Imperial history.‎
  • Epic Compendium.pdf   1123k - 3 Aug 2009, 23:15 by Mark Sheppard (v5)
    ‎-- Community-produced document containing all core rules including the latest errata and changes and so this document is the preferred ruleset for those interested in Epic tournaments Also includes relevant FAQ items within the main text of the document which is very handy The Compendium now also includes most of the current army lists available This is the base ruleset to be used for Sydney Epic Gaming Group games unless otherwise agreed between the players Note that the community-accepted changes that appear in the Handbook are NOT included in this document ‎
  • Manoeuvre Warfare   0k - 6 May 2009, 00:01 by Mark Sheppard (v1)
    ‎-- An introduction to manoeuvre warfare and tactics. Short, but sweet. A good read for the aspiring generals out there!‎
  • Epic Raiders Supplement   0k - 9 Jan 2009, 22:40 by Mark Sheppard (v1)
    ‎-- A professionally-produced supplement containing army lists for Necrons and Dark Eldar. Very slick. Also available for sale as a bound book.‎
  • Fan13_Assault.pdf   7365k - 9 Jan 2009, 01:51 by Mark Sheppard (v1)
    ‎-- An excellent ruleset governing assaulting defenses using the tournament army lists.‎
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Recent battle reports

  • Eldar vs Ultramarines Campaign: Weeks 1-3/Games 1 and 2 So horse and myself started playtesting my map-based campaign rules two weekends back. In the first weekend, we played the first three campaign turns (Weeks 1 to 3), and ...
    Posted 27 Apr 2009, 21:14 by Mark Sheppard
  • Eldar vs Ultramarines (5,000pts) Sunday's game was the Eldar (horse) vs the Ultramarines (GR00V3R).horse fielded an Aspect-heavy force backed up with some armour and a couple of Revenant titans, while GR00V3R ...
    Posted 30 Mar 2009, 21:11 by Mark Sheppard
  • The Good V's the Bad! Much pain at the 32K mark Good V’s Bad!Tuesday the 17th of March saw the combined forces of Imperial Guard and Ultramarines come together to do battle against the vile forces of the Chaos ...
    Posted 22 Mar 2009, 19:19 by Mark Sheppard
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  • Time to ramp the Epic back up to 11 Yes, it's been a quiet time for Epic over the Summer. Other than CANCON, there really hasn't been a lot of action on the Epic front this year ...
    Posted 17 Jun 2010, 21:41 by Mark Sheppard
  • For those hard-to-find items... You may already be familiar with the ChaosOrc online store, but for those hard-to-find Epic items, it's a great resource.Some items are shockingly overpriced (it pays ...
    Posted 4 Aug 2009, 23:53 by Mark Sheppard
  • Massive Epic: 30,000pts vs 40,000pts game! Some of you already know all about this MASSIVE Epic bash (probably 'cause you were there), but for those who don't...check this here gear out:http://epiccampaign.proboards ...
    Posted 23 Jul 2009, 00:10 by Mark Sheppard
  • Bell of Lost Souls: GR00V3R joins The Fly Lords, opportunities for Epic evangelism exponentially increased! Yes, that's right Epic fans: yours truly has joined The Fly Lords as a full and official member. This really just means that I now have complete and direct ...
    Posted 24 Jun 2009, 20:44 by Mark Sheppard
  • Epic at CANCON 2010! Yes, that's right Epic fans...Victorian Epic legend, thefloppy1, has undertaken the awesome task of getting an Epic tournament happening at CANCON next year!Watch the CANCON thread on ...
    Posted 24 Jun 2009, 20:32 by Mark Sheppard
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Games now being organised

  • Looking for a 1v1 this weekend (7-8 March 2009) CLOSEDI'm looking for a 1v1 this weekend, preferably around the 5,000-6,000 pts mark, either at my place or elsewhere. Let me know your Keenness Factor ...
    Posted 8 Mar 2009, 18:27 by Mark Sheppard
  • E:A game for weekend 7-8/2/2009? CLOSEDLooking for expressions of interest in a game of Epic:Armageddon over the 7-8 February 2009 weekend. Looking for a 2v2 game. (So far, horse and CAL001 have ...
    Posted 7 Feb 2009, 19:12 by Mark Sheppard
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