Join Sydney content strategists, information architects, website managers and designers to talk about crafting the best digital strategy for users. This is a fun and collaborative meetup run by Elle from Elle Geraghty Content Strategy :) 

Next meet up

Our next meetup will be on 10 December 2018 and will be headlined by Server Content Design Manager and Atlassian sponsor Warren Thompson.

"Warren is a Content Design Manager at Atlassian. He manages a team of content designers, who are the wordsmiths behind the Atlassian self-hosted range of products. Creating and maintaining product content in an agile development environment is like trying to ride a bucking bull while juggling. Sooner or later the balls will fall, that's a given, but working out which balls to get back on the bull with is sometimes hard. In his presentation, Warren hopes to highlight some common mistakes and simple fixes, and share some learnings so his battle scars are not in vain.

In Atlassian style, this bio was written in collaboration with his team, and they got final sign-off."
Eventbrite - Sydney content strategy meet up - December 2018


Atlassian is located at 341 George St - just near the bottom of Martin Place. Please enter via Wynyard St. Please wait in the lobby to be escorted upstairs at 6pm.


Thanks so much to the team from Atlassian for sponsoring our venue and refreshments and all the work they do in the background to get the events organised and Elle Geraghty Content Strategy for running the event.

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How does the Sydney content strategy meetup work?

Over 80 people meet every two months or so to talk about content strategy, have a drink and meet other content strategists in a fun and friendly environment. Mostly we talk about how content strategy is not content marketing or copywriting :) 

Most meetups will have a presenter talking about anything from analytics to content modelling, a conference wrap up, site case study or content resourcing. We also incorporate a quick exercise at the end to reinforce the subject of the evening.

Sydney content strategy meetup crowd