Why EVs?

Why should you be driving an electric car?

  • Low maintenance
     An electric motor is essentially one moving part. Can you even name all the moving parts in a petroleum-burning engine?
  • Convenience
     Charge at home; the only things you'll ever refill at a petrol station are tyres.
  • Similar running costs
     2-3 cents/km for electricity; periodic battery replacement is more or less covered by the money you didn't spend on petrol.
  • Fun!

Why should we drive electric cars?

  • Low/Zero Emission
     Studies show that EVs have lower emission impacts than petroleum burning vehicles, even when recharged from coal-generated electricity. Moreover, electricity can be generated cleanly and renewably.
  • Existing Infrastructure
     There are a lot more power points than service stations (especially hydrogen filling stations). On a serious note, studies have shown that, by charging overnight during off-peak hours, EVs could represent significant percentages of the private vehicle traffic mix without any additional power-plants.
  • More efficient
     Generally, the energy required to travel 1km in a petroleum car will move an EV 4kms. In an energy conscious world, is there really any choice?
  • Security of domestic fuel supply
     Australia's oil import bill is approximately $18 Billion/yr (and growing fast!).
     From a history of near self-sufficiency, falling production and rising consumption saw 30% of our oil imported in 2004.
     The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association estimates that Australia will be dependent on oil imports for 75% of anticipated consumption by 2015.
     In contrast, Australia has considerable reserves and sources of primary energy for direct electrical generation including, most importantly, outstanding opportunities (if not the political willpower) for the development of renewable energies.