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Yaka - An original chess engine

Yaka is a chess engine currently under development. As of now, it can only play command line chess (nevertheless it has beaten me more than once). It is my first 'real' chess engine.
Use "position fen <your fen>" to setup a position.
Use "perft <x>" to calculate perft(x) of that position.
Use "move <move>" to move.
You can enter multiple moves at once.
Use "bench x <file_name>" to calculate perft (x) of all fen positions in filename. You are provided a file "perft_test.txt" with lots of positions.
You can use the updated version to create perft databases. Type "mkperft" to see the usage.
Yaka with no movelists should be twice as fast as Yaka with MoveLists.
Download the latest version here.

Yaka Table-driven move generation experiment

YakaPerft is a research project, an implementation of my idea of table driven move generation for pawns (see this forum post) and Gerd Isenberg's idea of table driven of move generation for slider pieces.
Download the file ""
Three 64-bit compiles, one using movelists (Yaka.exe), other not using movelists (YakaNM.exe), and the older version which doesn't use movelists for pawns.
Use "position fen <fen string>" to set up a position, "perft <depth>" to do perft, and "bench <depth> <input file (no spaces)> <output file (no spaces)>" to do a perft. I have also provided a file "ToughGuys" (originally given by Steven Edwards) which contain 100 massive perft positions (good for benchmarking). To run a sample benchmark (might take hours), type "bench 6 ToughGuys ToughGuysOut.txt".
By default the source code will use move lists, you can turn it off in file yaka.h by commenting out "#define USE_MLIST".
The code is C++11, and I'm using Visual Studio 2015. You probably would have some trivial problems with g++, but I haven't checked.
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Yaka no movelists [UPDATE].zip
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Yaka with
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