Sydenham Institute of Management Studies,

Research and Entrepreneurship Education,Mumbai

SIMSREE - A Government of Maharashtra Institute


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I have fond memories of Sydenham. The location of the institute in the country’s business capital helped it attract a great faculty. To add to that, there was tremendous stress on practical orientation to learning

Ashish Bhasin – Executive Vice-President, Lowe Worldwide :
“What’s different about SIMSREE: The unique difference between SIMSREE and any other management institutes is the fact that the students involvement is perhaps the highest at SIMSREE. At a young age, students learn to take charge, organize, interact with the industry as well as to direct their destiny depending upon their efforts. SIMSREE provides an ideal breeding ground for professionals with an entrepreneurial bent of mind; a characteristic required the most in today’s business environment.”

Mr Sachin Khandelwal (Senior General Manager- Head Cards ICICI Bank) :
"Sydenham develops the ability to run the organization as an entrepreneur. The environment of self sustainence prepares the students to manage things within the constraints. My 2 years in Sydenham was like a pre corporate stint and it acted as a pace setter (catalyst) for the corporate world. It helped in making me an Optimization manager".

Anuj Bhargava - Ex CIO, HSBC Bank
"I found the students at SIMSREE to be eager, sincere & intelligent. Many of them wanted to make good use of the two years, the MBA curriculum allows them. If one is to point out the singular trait that I like, it was that of discipline in every way. It is great to see youngsters so commited & disciplined without being regimented"

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