Listo Malpermesitaro 

List of Forbidden Sites
for the Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community and all Syblyngs 

Below are listed the sites that are currently forbidden to view by members of the Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community as well as all correctly thinking and believing syblyngs. And remember that if you are the producer of one of these blogs you must show the below graphic:

Newly Added

Eastward, Catholic Soldiers: F, H, NLU, POD

Current List

Absolutely No Spin: T,F,C
Ad Dominum: PH,C,T
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: PH,R,C,F
Adam's Ale: C+,T,EM
Adoro Te Devote
: PH,O
Adrienne's Catholic Corner: PH,O,C,T,R,EM
Amy Wellborn; PH, C+, T, O
Astonished, Yet at Home: PH, C, RT
Aussie Coffee Shop: PH, H, RT, O
B Movie Catechism: PH, F
Back To Catholicism: PH, T, C
Barefoot & Not Currently Pregnant: PH, F, R, H
Bonfire of the Vanities: PH, C+,T,F,UM,POD
The Cafeteria is Closed: PH,T,C,F,EM,O,R
Called By Name: C+,T,F
Catholic Dads; PH, T, O
Catholic Family Vignettes: PH, C, T, EM, F
Catholic Pillowfight; R, O, F, PH
Catholics Against Rudy: PH,NC,O,C,T
Chironomo's Podium: PH,F,T+,O,EM,C
Christian Apologetics Society: PH,T,R,O
Clam Rampant: PH,AM,C,CF,H,IT,NLU,O,RT,POD
Cleveland Priest; PH, C+, F, T, O
Creative Minority Report: PH, C+, F, T
Cuasa Nostra Laetitiae: PH, T+, EM, RT, NC, F
Curt Jester: PH,T,O,R
Cygnus' Sphere: PH,R,C,T,O,F
Dad29: R+,O,T
The Digital Hairshirt: PH, T, C, O, F
Disciple of the Dumb Ox: PH,F,C,EM+,T
Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!: PH,T,C,R,EM,O,F++
Duc in Altum!: PH,O+,IT,EM,F,NC
Dymphna's Well: F,O,POD,T
Dyspeptic Mutterings: PH,C,EM,RT,R,F
Eastward, Catholic Soldiers: F, H, NLU, POD
Est Puzzlementem: PH, T, EM, R
Everything You Knew Is Wrong: PH,O,T,BS,NC
Exultet: C, NLU, POD, T
Freelanders: PH,T,C,O
The Happy Catholic: IT, NLU,POD, T
Hawaiian Catholic Mom: PH, H++, BS, C, T, RT
Institute of Christ the King: C,EM,F,POD,RT
Ignorant Redneck Rants: PH,R+,NC,NLU
Jimmy Akin: PH,T,C,F
Journey Toward the Lord: PH,R,EM,O
Just doing my best: PH, O, R, T
Kansas City Catholic: CF,F,IT,O,T
Knit Together in Love: PH, O+, C, T, AM
Knoxville Theological Society: PH,T,O,C,EM
Kyrie Eleison: PH,T,C,F,O,EM,R
L.A. Catholic: PH,C,O,R
Larsterkhanate: PH,F+,T+,EM,O
Laudem Gloriae: C,CF,F,IT,O
The Northern Cross: PH,F,T,O
Nova Et Vetera: PH, F, RT, NC, C, T, O
Orthometer: PH,C+,T,F,O,R
Overheard in the Sacristy: PH, T, C+, F
Paramedic Golden Girl; PH, C, T
Per Te, Sancta Maria: PH,F,EM,T,RT,UM,H+
Peace & Quiet: PH,C+,T,O,H
A Plumbline in the Wind: C, NLU, POD
Pope Benedict Fan Club: PH,C++,T,F,NC
Pro Ecclesia: PH, R, C, T, O
The Provincial Emails: PH, R, C, O
Pur Autre Vie: PH,T,C,F,O+
Quo Vadis?: PH,T,C,F,O+,R
Recovering Dissident Catholic; PH, C, T
Regular Thoughts; PH, C, T, EM, O, F, R
Rise of the TOB: PH,C,T,EM,F,O++
Roman Catholic Apologetics: PH,F,T,O,POD,C+
Roman Sacristan: C,T,F,M
St. Fiacre's Garden: PH, O, T
St. John Cantius : AM,BS,C+,EM,F,O,PH,POD,RT
St. Louis Catholic: PH, C, F, T, EM
St. Monica's Kneeler; PH, C, T
Salve Regina: PH, C, T, NLU, RT, NC, F, O
Sci Fi Catholic: PH,F,IT,R,O
Scorpion Stalking Duck: PH,F,T,C+,O, H+
SFO Mom: PH, O, EM, T, RT
Shoved To Them: PH, O, C
Simon-Peter Says: PH, C, T, F
The Spirit's Sword: PH,F,T,AM,BS,IT,H
Sterquilinium: PH,C,T,F,O,R
Tom & Jerry: PH, C, R
Totus Pius: PH,C+,T+,F,EM,RC,RT,O
Twisted Valley: PH, T, H, O, F
The Troglodyte: PH,C,R,O
Un-Muted Rumblings: PH,O,T,H
V for Victory!: BS,CF,EM,IT,R,UM
Vatican (Pope): PH,C,T,F,O,R
Video meliora, proboque; Deteriora sequor: F, CF, IT, R
Vivificat: PH,F,T,O+,C,EM
Ward Wide Web: PH,T,F,O
What Does The Prayer Really Say: F,C,EM,RT
Wife and Mom of Two: PH, C, T, EM, H, IT
With a Grain of Salt: PH,IT,C,RT,F

'Blog Rating Codes

  • AM - Anti-Marty Haugen
  • BS - Bells & Smells
  • C - Clericalism
  • C+ - Extreme Clericalism
  • CF - Cathlofascist
  • EM - Extreme Medievalism
  • F - Funny Languages
  • H - Homeschoolers
  • IT - Intolerant
  • NC - Neocatholic
  • NLU - Not Like Us
  • O - Offensive (anti-womyn, anti-GLBTNA, etc)
  • PH - Phariseeism
  • PI - Progressive Level 1
  • PII - Progressive Level 2
  • PIII - Progressive Level 3
  • POD - Pious, Overly-Devotional
  • R - Republicanism
  • RT - Radical Traditionalism
  • T - Traditionalism
  • UM - Ultramontanism

Recommended Sites

Catholic Sensibility: PI
GIA Publications
Joseph O'Leary's Cow; PIII
Musical Messiah; PII
St. Joan of Arc Church
Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community: PIII

If you know of a site that should be added to the Recommended list or the Banned list please send an electronicmail to:
syblyngbob (at)