Business Outline for Japan Shield Technical Research Co. ,Ltd.

■ Introduction

First of all, I pray for those who have died in a massive earthquake in eastern Japan. I just cannot imagine great hardships that the victims have been through ever since.
Actually, I suffered this earthquake in Koriyama city in Fukushima on March 11th. It was on 16th that I finally managed to move to Tokyo via Niigata. As I saw the screening test at the boundary between Fukushima and Niigata, I realized the severe situation my hometown Fukushima faced. Considering the serious disaster that Japan had never had in history, I would like to develop research and products on a radiation shielding in a living place.
Let us recover the beautiful land together so that we will hand down this country to the future generation forever. And it is my hope that this will be a consolation for the victims in the disaster.

■ Japan Shield Technical Research Co. ,Ltd

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  ● Service

    -Environment analysis
    -Research on the radiation shielding
    -Planning, manufacturing and selling the radiation shielding instruments
    -Planning, manufacturing and selling the radiation monitoring instruments
    -Consulting on a radiation shielding
    -Planning, manufacturing and selling RI transport vessels
    -Planning, manufacturing and selling non-destructive inspection equipments
    -Planning a shielding construction

  ● Clients

    -Government offices
    -Public universities
    -Private enterprises etc

  ● Establishment

     March 2010

  ● Capital


■ Radiation measurement

Pictures below show radiation measurement in Fukushima. Whether a radiation shield is used or not can make a big difference (It sometimes differs twice) in measured values. It is clear that shielding is essential for the accurate measurement.

(picture 1)
measurement without shielding – 9.6CPS

(picture 2)
measurement with shielding – 4.7CPS

■ Research/ Experiment

In order to solve the problem, we have conducted researches and various kinds of trial tests based on the radiation shielding calculation.

■ Products

We have developed design methods that fit characteristics of dosimeter. Our products will offer this know-how to you.


■ Examples

The radiation shielding is now used by local communities, public universities and measurement companies.
(picture) handy radiation shielding for radiative contamination. It is used by Fukushima prefectural office and many local communities in Fukushima.


■ For safekeeping

Radiative contamination may be emerged in decontamination. In this case, it is possible to keep it safe with a simple method. EARTH Co. (our corporative company) offers solutions for a series of decontamination.