Guide to Fabrics

The question of, "So, what should I make this out of, anyway?  Silk?  Satin?" is a common one in the cosplay world.  For many, the desire to cosplay is a person's first foray into the rather dizzying world of sewing, fabric, and patterns, and sometimes, novices are not only uncertain of what to use, they're not yet ev aware that they've been flung into the deep-end of the pool without being first told how to float.  Hopefully, this can help!

All fabric, at its core, can be described by two terms: one, by fiber content, and the other, by the weave.  These an important distinction, as these are two very different attributes.

The physical substance the fabric is made of, 
such as wool, polyester, linen, or silk.

How fibers are locked together or assembled
to create the material itself.