Second annual Student Research Symposium

April 21, 2006

Awards for best research posters

Virginia Butler, Krey Easton, Ross Smith, and Scott Burns

Can we infer prehistoric butchery, transport and storage from fish body part representation? Ross Smith and Virginia Butler, Anthropology Department, Portland State University

Zooarchaeology and the urbanization of Vancouver, WA, 1876-1918Krey Easton and Virginia Butler, Anthropology Department, Portland State University

Pattern growth of carbon nanotube bundles, Noel Tavan and Dr. Jun Jiao, Department of Physics, Portland State University

Impact of objective models on search-based parallel computer job scheduling, Sangsuree* Vasupongayya, Su-Hui Chiang, and Bart Massey, Computer Science Department, Portland State University

Mutational and kinetic studies of the NADPH-dependent pre-Q0 reductase QUEF, Bobby W. K. Lee and Dirk Iwata-Reuyl, Department of Chemistry, Portland State University

Fabrication of carbon nanotubes synthesized by thermal chemical vapor deposition and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, Jennifer Jones, Jianfeng Wu, and  Jun Jiao, Physics Department, Portland State University

Virginia Butler, Casey Quinlan, Barbara Shaw, and Scott Burns

A walk on the wild side: evolution of Order Xenarthra modality distinct from all other mammals, Barbara J. Shaw and Luis A. Ruedas, Department of Biology, Portland State University

Ouabain cardioprotection is mediated by receptor internalization and mitoKATP opening, Casey L. Quinlan, Abraham Rissa, Jana R. Burton, Alexandre D.T. Costa, and Keith D. Garlid, Department of Biology, Portland State University

Twentieth-century changes in perennial ice features, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA., Matthew Hoffman, Andrew Fountain, Departments of Geology and Geography, Portland State University

Quantifying change at seven glaciers in the Sierra Nevada, California, Hassan J. Basagic and Andrew G. Fountain, Department of Geography, Portland State University

Use of insect remains to reconstruct paleoenvironmental change in the northern Willamette Valley, Oregon, Martin E. Adams and Virginia Butler, Department of Anthropology, Portland State University

Scott Burns, Matthew Hoffman, Martin Adams, Hassan Basagic, and Virginia Butler