People say JRT are hyper actif and crazy, hard to train, hard headed etc...  and I ear people say they need 2 hours of exercise per day..... NON they are not hyper active or crazy, they need to be stimulated mentally and physically, and most of all teach them to relax and reinforce when they are relaxing. If you give them 2 hours per day they will want 3h and so on. Instead teach him to relax, and reinforce when he is doing nothing. And with R+ its so easy see my videos 


kikopup video


thank you Jean Lessard for this                                                                                                                                                                                                     ''someone ask me about a dog '' is he head strong??

My response Jean Lessard ....... I insist and I beleve it ( remember that I trained, seals, lynx, cougars and chickens, bears, and camel)
'' There is no dog that are head strong. They are just good or bad trainers......''
Moral: lern to train. Its not  complicated: its technique. And it as nothing to do with fermness at all.

You can see us here we were in a episode of Animo at radio Canada
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for the racing equipment see link

                                                                                                      My Plume did a commercial at the age of 4 mounts for the cie super ecran

The real

The JRTCC invites all Jack Russell Terrier admirers and owners 

to join the National Club in its effort to preserve the historic 

conformation and working qualities of the wonderful, 

versatile Jack Russell Terrier.

Adopting a dog is for miminum 12 years, so think before you adopt.

Mystic 8 ans et Plume 11 ans

Since 1998

For the love of dogs and the breed!


Holistically reared and BARF fed dogs and puppies
all dogs and puppies raise in our home

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for dogs fanciers
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For the love of dogs and the breed!

our dogs are BAER, CERF, PLL tested
Saphira JRTCC
only dogs CLEAR for PLL will be bred
see for infos
We have quality and versatility and that's what's important!
At Saphira we take breeding very seriously and we raise, worked, and show this wonderful breed for over 14 years.
Member of the breeder JRTCC
1 litter per year is chosen carefully with parents healthy in body and in their heads.
Our breeding program is built carefully and with respect to compliance and versatile aspect of the JRT.
Dogs according to breed, healthy in body and in mind
as a family dog​​, to show, or performance
Make your dog work it needs to be well in his head and well balanced
a tired dog is a good dog
Agility, flyball, Cani-sport, obedience, Rally-O,
Test lair, Freestyle, conformation, race,
takes charge, herding etc. ............
see tab
for more info

 Swymbridge Trinity (Plume 9 ans sur cette photo)

So what then are these "other" terriers we hear about today…. The Parson Russell, The Russell (shortie) Terrier, 

The Irish Jack Russell, the Miniature Jack Russell… and who knows what else?? 

They are simply variants of the Real Jack Russell Terrier… a type or size taken from within portions of the JRTCGB/JRTCA

 breed standard to suit the whims of special interest groups/individuals.

What happens when all of these variants, with a now small gene pool, are bred together to "perfect" this narrow portion 

of the standard? Eventually they will change and become an animal that will look very different from the original Jack Russell Terrier. 

Inbreeding and breeding for the show ring will change the physical and mental structure of the dog.

 It will lose its purpose and its original character, as well as its mental and physical soundness, and will become something entirely different… 

whatever suits the whim of those controlling that variant of the terrier.

It is history repeating itself… it is how the modern Fox Terrier of today once evolved from the original working fox terrier
 (now known as the Jack Russell Terrier). The original type of working fox terrier, the Jack Russell,
 will continue on with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America and the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain as its protectors. 
So please join the JRTCA and help us ensure that the REAL JACK RUSSELL TERRIER will be here for another 200 years! 

pour plus d'infos 

do not confuse with the Russell Terrier de l'Australie (shortie)
who standard is 10'' - 12''
vous pouvez en voir sur ce lien

Voir lien du JRTCC

Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada

Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

voir onglets histoires de la race pour infos
Breeder of this magnificent breed
Since 1998
In the wonderful dog world since 1995

Mille Isles, Q
(we speak english)
a little about us
Breeder feeding BARF since 2004

for dogs healthy, happy and full of energy

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We are very proud to say that our clients, veterinarians, trainers

obedience, and other breeders say that our puppies and our dogs

have excellent temperaments ......

and they are very versatile in

.... obedience agility flyball .... .... .... etc weight pull ....


All our dogs are tested for

BAER (Hearing) and CERF (eyes)

and DNA testing for the PLL before mating.

All good breeders who respect the breed should test 

dogs before breeding

 call us before you buy.

Never buy a dog pet store or flea market

do not encourage this kind of trade the puppies come from

of puppy mills.
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Auberge Confort Animalier

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