District Awards

The District Award of Merit is the highest recognition a Scouting District can bestow upon an individual. The award is presented to registered volunteer Scouters for noteworthy service to youth. The requirements for the award are: 
  • Candidates for the award must be registered volunteer Scout leader 
  • Must have rendered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting, outside Scouting, or both 
  • A suggested minimum of five years of accumulated service to youth will be considered 
  • Service to youth and community involvement outside of Scouting are desirable 
  • The nominee’s attitude toward and cooperation with the District will be considered
William "Bill" Dillahunty Uvalde 1974 
Weldon Blackard Carrizo Springs 1976 
Homer Smith Uvalde 1977 
Wayne Matthews Uvalde 1977 
Lourdes Oviedo Eagle Pass 1978 
Patrick Oviedo Eagle Pass 1978 
Bruce Barker Carrizo Springs 1979 
Mary DeLeon Eagle Pass 1981 
Albert Garza Crystal City 1981 
Lee Allison Rocksprings 1982 
J. M. "Bill" Rowley Sabinal 1983 
Ramon Castro Sr. Uvalde 1984 
Ted McWhorter Uvalde 1984 
Patricio Rodriguez Carrizo Springs 1986 
Robert Kennedy Uvalde 1987 
Frederico Flores Uvalde 1988 
Marcia Vinyard Eagle Pass 1988 
Adela Ayala Uvalde 1988 
Robert "Bob" McNiel Uvalde 1990 
Mark Hiler Uvalde 1993 
Anita Spurgen Uvalde 1996 
Niel Marely Eagle Pass 1998 
Chris Calk Utopia 2003 
Patricio "Pat" L. Ramos Uvalde 2005 
Evelyn Zalman Uvalde 2006 
Humberto "Beto" Torres Sr. Uvalde 2007 
Victor "Vic" G. Hilderbran Uvalde 2008 
Antonio "Tony" Perez Crystal City 2009 
Mario Morales Uvalde 2010 
Humberto "Beto" Torres Jr. Uvalde 2012 
James "Jim" F. Maixner Uvalde 2013