SWTOR Specifications

Star Wars the Old Republic specifications or SWTOR Specs for short are broken into two different areas. First is the basic specifications for the computer you wish to use playing the game. Second is the skill specifications you choose to apply to your characters in the game.

First we will go over the system requirements your computer must meet to be able to run the game. These are the minimum requirements and as with most other games of this sort it is usually best to exceed the minimums in several key areas which we will point out here as we go along.

SWTOR is a Windows based gaming platform and must be installed on Windows XP service pack 3 or higher operating system to be able to run on your computer.

You must have a processor that is either an AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4000+ or faster or an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHZ or faster. It is highly recommended that you exceed these minimums for the game to function at its best on your system.

You must have at least 1.2 GB of system RAM for WIN XP systems and 2.0 GB of Ram for WIN Vista and WIN 7 systems. Furthermore if your computer has an integrated video card that shares system memory you must have at least 2.0 GB of RAM. This is the minimum that is required to simply have the game operate on your system. It is highly recommended that you exceed these minimums for better performance.

You must have a Graphics Processor with at least an X1800 ATI video chip set or an nVidia 7800 chip set with at least 256 MB of RAM and support for shader 3.0 capabilities. It is also recommended you exceed these minimums for better performance and many players prefer to have a stand alone video card rather than an integrated video chip on the mainboard. The primary reason for this preference is the fact an integrated Video Chip will share the system memory and this leaves less memory for the system to use running the game.

If you plan on using the physical disks to load the game rather than software download you must also have a DVD player with at least 8X speed to run the disks.

Finally this is not a system requirement however to be able to play this game you should also have a high speed internet connection as there is quite a bit of data that travels back and forth between your computer and the game servers.

These are the minimum system specs to be able to run the game on your computer and as stated before exceeding many of these minimums is highly recommended in order to have a smoother and better gaming experience.

This is the first category of specifications involved in playing this game and these specs are the same for everyone playing. The Second category is much more involved and can vary greatly depending on how you wish to play. These specs are sometimes called character builds or skill tree builds or specs. For more about SWTOR Characters CLICK HERE.