What Are Talking Publications?

Talking Newspapers and Magazines

Talking newspapers and magazines, like those published by the South Wales Talking Magazine Association, provide local news and information on Memory Sticks (USB) for visually impaired people to listen to in the comfort of their own homes. Talking newspapers and magazines really do help visually impaired people keep more in touch.

Anyone who is entitled to free postage under the terms of the Royal Mail's "Articles for the Blind" service can receive our publications free of charge.

From our studio in Cardiff, two regular publications are produced on Memory Sticks (USB):

The weekly Cardiff Talking Newspaper

and the monthly South Wales Talking Magazine.

Memory Sticks (USB) are distributed each week & month and they can be played on any standard Memory Sticks (USB) player including those from the RNIB Talking Book service.   Home computers and many radios and TVs also have USB connections.

The Cardiff Talking Newspaper contains local Cardiff news and features edited from the South Wales Echo, courtesy of Media Wales. It lasts about 75 minutes.

A team of volunteers edit and record the local news in the Association's studio every week. The Memory Sticks (USB) are then duplicated and sent through the post so that local visually impaired people get their summary of the week's local news for the weekend.

The South Wales Talking Magazine is produced monthly and is a sound magazine created entirely by the Association’s own team of reporters.  It contains items of particular interest to people with a sight impairment, general features and regular contributions such as ‘Birthday Greetings’, ‘Postbag’and ‘Quiet Corner’.

The Association

The South Wales Talking Magazine Association, founded in 1971 and based in Cardiff, is run entirely by volunteers and was one of the first organisations formed in the UK to provide this type of service.
If you would like to receive one of our talking publications please send your details to the address
on the "How to Contact Us" tab.

For us to be able to use the free postal service you need to be registered as blind or partially sighted.

Tell us if you’d like to receive the Newspaper, Magazine or both.  Also include your name, address (including post code) and birthday (day and month) if you’d like to have it mentioned in the birthday greetings on the Talking Magazine. This is optional.  A telephone number or email would also be useful.