How our Publications are Produced

Both the Talking Newspaper and the Talking Magazine are recorded in our purpose built studio. The recordings are made on a special computer designed to produce a Master CD.   Hundreds of CDs are then duplicated from this 'Master' and sent through the post to our listeners.
The Talking Newspaper is a weekly digest of local news edited from the South Wales Echo and is recorded by two teams of volunteers. The features and general interest items are pre-recorded on a Tuesday morning and the very latest news is added on Thursday evening.  Following the completion of the 'Master’ recording on Thursday evening the team then turn their attention to duplicating the hundreds of CDs. These are then put into individually addressed postal envelopes and packed into mail sacks ready for collection the next day. The listeners receive their personal copies on Saturday morning.
Throughout the early part of the week another team prepare the addressed envelopes in readiness for the following Thursday edition.
The following page explains how the
Talking Magazine is produced.