500th edition May 2013

In May 2013 we celebrated publishing our 500th edition of the Magazine.
The first edition was produced in December 1971and since then we have not missed one edition.
We have a recently completed the mammoth task of converting all our archive recordings into a digital format so we can now easily and quickly access any recording from the past 40+ years.
To mark this important milestone in our history we recorded a special programme for the month.  We decided to celebrate the event by looking back over the years, not by replaying archive recordings, but by talking to volunteers from the early years who helped us establish the successful charity we are today.
master story teller and best selling author, was one of our earliest volunteer reporters who back in the 1970's was a journalist working for the local evening newspaper.

 "The Welsh Prince of Laughter". Quite rightly regarded as one of the greatest Pantomime dames Britain has ever produced.
Wyn presented an early edition and in a later programme, together with his brother, was interviewed about their family life.

Stan Stennett,

the late comedian, musician and actor who played roles in both Coronation Street and Crossroads playing Sid Hooper.  Stan presented an early edition of the Magazine and entertained when we recorded a Christmas programme in front of a live audience.
 In addition to the personalities featured we also tracked down volunteers from our early years whoes voices became well known to our listeners.
Marjorie Grossman now living in London, Hywel and Phyllis Jones from Scotland and Chris Abram now in Lancashire.