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Southwestern Booster Club
Current Projects

Important Message!!!! Our March meeting is coming up and election nominees will be accepted. We are in a serious 

situation due to no volunteers to step up and take an office. This club comes up with over $20,000 a year to pay for

 a big part of our sports programs in middle school and high school. Please spread the word and get people Involved.

 Our next meeting is March 15 at 6pm in the high school cafeteria. If you have any questions please feel free to contact

 Tammy Seymour or Cherryl Peuterbaugh. We are at the point if no one steps up the booster club will fold.

We are looking for additional volunteers to help in the track concession stands.  Track meets typically start at 4.
  Any time you can donate will count towards earning your ransom fee back.  Below are a list of all middle school 
and high school track meetis.  If you can help out. please email

These are those who have volunteered to work the HS and MS track meets. Thank you so much for helping out and
supporting the Booster Club. We need approximately 5-6 workers per meet. Those that do not have enough workers
 we could use additional volunteers. Thank you again in advance. Feel free to contact us here.

HS Meets

**Opener - Sarah Thaxton

Thursday, March 23 - Amy Grizzle, Dara Simmons, Sarah Lahr
Monday, March 27 - Amanda Burns, Angie Burns, Danielle Hellrung, Dawn Shudt
Thursday, March 30 - Dara Simmons, Sarah Lahr
Thursday, April 6 - Valerie Ringhausen, Patty Ringhausen
Tuesday, April 11 - Hollie Nixon
Tuesday, April 18 - Dara Simmons, Sarah Lahr, Terri Schneider
Tuesday, April 25 - Dara Simmons, Sarah Lahr, Terri Schneider

MS Meets

**Opener - Scott Hopkins

Monday, March 20 - Tonya Dierking, Shirlene Arnold, Megan Gibson, Julie Watson, Ginger Bailey, Angie Sorgea
Monday, April 10 - Tonya Dierking, DeeDee Goforth, Ginger Bailey, Ellen Brefeld, Natalie Watts, Linda Carter,
Allison Hewitt
Thursday, April 20 - Tonya Dierking, Jessica Weichert, Amiee Lawson, Dara Simmons
Thursday, May 4 - Tonya Dierking, Jessica Weichert, Dara Simmons

Track Meets begin at 4:00. Once again, thank you and if you can volunteer,
please feel free to message here or at

What is the Southwestern Sports Booster Club?

Our purpose is to promote community awareness of Southwestern sports, foster good sportsmanship, and to support the 
athletic programs through both financial and emotional means.

Where can I find the Southwestern High School sports schedules?

Click this link to visit the Southwestern High School Athletic page. There you can find your sport schedules, 
team information, coach information, etc.

When is the next Sports Booster Club Meeting?

                                 March 15, 2017
               6:00 p.m.
               High School Cafeteria

Please spread the word.  The more people we have attending our meetings, the more successful the