Play-by-play DVDs - This is our signature service.  We have provided professional play-by-play commentary on our video product for more than 2800 games.  We shoot games in digital video, add the play-by-play and computer graphics as well as a music intro.  The games are put on DVDs that have full color labels and are in a full color, hard shell case.

Game Film - We have covered more than 2000 games providing high school and college coaches professional game film.  The coaches use this film to break down their team's play, their opponent's play and also use the footage for college recruiters for player advancement.

Internet Broadcasts - We were the first in Arizona to consistently broadcast high school and junior college games on the Internet.  We have broadcast more than 1250 live games since our first live broadcast in December 2000.  Our games are available live to an unlimited number of listeners and are archived for a minimum of 30 days after the completion of the event.

Team and Individual Highlight DVDs - We compile highlights for teams that we cover.  We can also compile highlights if you have your own footage.