Prof. Sung Won Seo (서성원)


Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business, Ajou University
Dasan 505-2, Ajou University, Worldcup-ro 206, Suwon, Korea

(Tel) +82-31-219-3688



KAIST College of Business, Seoul Korea, Ph.D. in Finance

KAIST, Daejon Korea, B.S. in Mathematics


2015.3-current     Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business, Ajou University

2014.3-2015.2     Visiting ProfessorBusiness SchoolDongguk University


Financial management, Investment


Field of Study

Capital Structure, Corporate Finance, Investments


"What options to trade and when: Evidence from seasoned equity offerings," Journal of Financial Markets (SSCI), online published (Corresponding Author) 

"Investor sentiment and return predictability of the option to stock volume ratio," Financial Management (SSCI), 2017 (Corresponding Author)

"Capital structure and corporate reaction to negative stock return shocks," International Review of Economics & Finance (SSCI), 2017 (First Author) 

"Individual mean-variance relation and stock-level investor sentiment," Journal of Business Economics and Management (SSCI), 2017 (Corresponding Author)

“The information content of option implied information for volatility forecasting with investor sentiment,” Journal of Banking & Finance (SSCI), 2015 (First Author)

“Corporate vulnerability index as a fear gauge? Exploring the contagion effect between US and Korean markets,” Journal of Derivatives (SSCI), 2015 

“Investor sentiment and return predictability of disagreement,” Journal of Banking & Finance (SSCI), 2014 (Corresponding Author)

“멀티클래스펀드의 자금흐름과 금융소비자 보호에 대한 연구,” 선물연구, 2017 (교신저자)

“Institutional investors and financial crisis,” 자산운용연구, 2016 (교신저자)

주식형펀드의 파생상품 활용과 펀드위험 및 성과에 대한 연구,” 증권학회지, 2015 (1저자)

공매도 금지가 의견불일치와 주가 수익률간의 관계에 미치는 영향,” 선물연구, 2015 (교신저자)

주식형 펀드의 파생상품 활용이 현금 흐름에 미치는 영향,” 금융공학회지, 2015 (1저자)

Professional Presentations

EFA (European Finance Association), the 41st Annual Meeting (Lugano, Swiss 2014)

FMA in Europe, Doctoral Student Consortium (Luxembourg 2013)

Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (CAFM), (Seoul, Korea 2013)

재무학회, 재무관리학회, 파생상품학회, 금융정보학회 (2014 가을)

재무금융 관련 5개 통합 학회 (천안 2012)

Honors, Awards, and Grants

한국금융공학회 우수논문상, 2015.12

동국대학교 우수 강의상 2015.2

서울대학교 증권금융연구소 연구지원, 2014.6

KAIST 우수 연구 논문상 2013.10