A Habitat Research Project by Ben Guzovsky

Swordfish Habitat

A swordfish habitat will be all water and some air space for the swordfish to jump around. The habitat will include 

 - Bacteria(deep), 
 - Zooplankton (to eat the bacteria as its food), 
 - small fish (mackerel) to eat the Zooplankton. 

The swordfish will then eat the small fish. The reason all this is needed is because the swordfishes prey needs food to survive, just like if one animal gets extinct the whole food chain will crumble. The habitat will have to be very big for the swordfish to swim around and deep because the swordfish travels through different parts of the ocean. There will be very few obstacles because swordfish live in open water. acording to the swordfishes food web the swordfish can eat crabs, squid, and other plankton eaters so there may be those. 



These are some pictures of the swordfish that I found on the internet. The 1st one(left) is a picture of the swordfish jumping out of the water. A swordfish is a great jumper. The second one(right) is just a swordfish swimming around.  

Swordfish Food Chain

Bacteria in the ocean is mostly made from the sun. A small creature called zooplankton eats the bacteria. Since zooplankton are small they swim in groups. They would make a great meal for small fish. Small fish are eaten by swordfish and other big fish. Most small fish travel in groups so they can swarm around to confuse their predators. Swordfish, to get their meal they move their sword bill and stun their prey and then feast on the wounded. Not many fish are big and fast enough to eat the swordfish. One of the few is a very fast shark like a mako shark. Swordfish can kill mako sharks and other predators but it's a rare event. 

Swordfish Adaptations

A swordfish has many adaptations and most of them include its sword like bill. 

 1. A swordfish uses its bill to stab predators but not its prey. 
 2. A swordfish wiggles its bill to stun its prey. 
 3. A swordfish is very fast which helps it escape predators.
 4. A swordfish's bill allows it to stab predators and prey.
 5. A swordfish's bill helps it swim faster by pushing the water away.
 6. A swordfish has special body parts near its eyes that warm its body. 

These are some adaptations the swordfish has.

Swordfish Food Web

This is the swordfish food web.The swordfish can eat anything that eats zooplankton which is probably because zooplankton has the nutrients the swordfish needs. The swordfish can't eat zooplankton directly because the swordfish is too big so that is why it eats stuff that can.  

Swordfish Body Parts

As you can see the swordfish has two dorsal fins, one is big and one is small. A swordfish also has a crescent shaped tail. In addition the swordfish has a pectoral and an anal fins.