Links & Resources

Below you'll find several helpful websites and documents. Resources will be posted as they become available. Got something to share on this page? Email the webmaster:



International Kodály Society

Organization of American Kodály Educators — The national organization for Kodály-inspired music education, with which we are affiliated

Northwest Kodály Educators (NKE) — OAKE Seattle area affiliate chapter, our neighbors to the north

Oregon Music Education Association

Washington Music Educators Association


JW Pepper - sheet music supplier

Mad Robin Music & Dance - teaching resources, musical instruments (and repair) and more!

Peripole Bergerault - musical instruments and accessories

West Music - musical instruments and accessories


Kodaly Lesson Plan Template — Google Docs template for you to download and fill in as needed

Kodaly Lesson Plan Template, fillable v2 - Use this fillable PDF to type your lessons if you prefer not to use word. This form includes buttons to save or print your lesson, add your name, and clear all form fields and start over if you desire. Text size will adjust to fit within the space allotted in the lesson plan.

MusiSync Font Download Page — Visit this page to download a font containing common musical symbols. This is especially useful when typing lesson plans and other documents.