Past Repertoire Selections

Below the combined choir repertoire for all previous years of the festival has been listed for your reference, along with the name of the guest conductor for that year.

2018 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Gemma Arguelles

  1. Bizakodo; Lajos Bardos/Arr. JC Tucker
  2. An Sylvia; Franz Schubert
  3. Oh, Spring (The Caterpillar); Jean Berger
  4. Cuckoo; Benjamin Britten
  5. Cantate Domino; Charlotte Botha

2017 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Andrew Brown

  1. Jublite Deo; Micahel Praetorius
  2. Campfire Song; Lajos Bardos/Trans. Needleman
  3. The Little Birch Tree; Russian Folk Song/Arr. Bohlin
  4. Red Dragonflies; Kosaku Yamada/Arr. Dwyer and Nurre
  5. Shake the Papaya Down; Calypso Song/Arr. Dwyer and Waller

2016 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Kurt Cereske

1. Goin' to Boston; American Folk Song/Arr. McRae/Leck

2. This Little Light of Mine; Traditional Spiritual/Arr. Ken Berg

3. Ching-a-Ring-Chaw; Minstrel Song/Arr. Aaron Copland

4. Can You Hear Me?; Bob Chilcott

5. Rock-a My Soul; Traditional Spiritual/Arr. Shaw

2015 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Darcy Morrissey

1. Allunde Alluya; Arr. Salli Terri

2. Domine Deus; Antonio Vivaldi/Arr. Galvan

3. Silver the River; Steven Paulus

4. Dodi Li; Chen/Arr. Doreen Rao

2014 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Dr. Patricia Bourne

1. Shake the Papaya Down; Calypso Song/Arr. Dwyer/Waller

2. Doraji; Korean Folk Song/Arr. Snyder

3. The Moon; Andy Beck

4. Tuimbe; David Waggoner

2013 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Kelly Foster Griffin

1. How Can I Keep From Singing?; Quaker Song/Arr. Ginger Littleton

2. Under the Greenwood Tree; Arthur Somervell

3. Lakota Wiyanki; Native American Song/Arr. J. Herrington and G. Woodside

4. Da Pacem Domine; Melchior Franck/Arr. Linda Spevacek

2012 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Judy Herrington

1. Jim-Along Josie; Reginald Unterseher

2. Al Shlosha D’Varim

3. Your Friend Shall Be the Tall Wind; Judith Herrington and Sara Glick

4. J’entend le Moulin; Arranged by Ruth E. Dwyer and Martin L. Ellis

2011 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Megan Oberfield

1. Jubilate Deo; Michael Praetorius

2. Good Night (Russian Song); Dimitri Kabalevsky; arr. Doreen Rao

3. Blow, Bugle, Blow; Alfred Lord Tenyson, text; Ruth Elaine Schram, music

4. Pick a Bale of Cotton; arr. Betty Berteaux

5. Mary Had a Little Blues; Charles Collins

2010 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Mandy Miller

1. Child of Tomorrow; Mark Patterson

2. And This Shall Be For Music; Robert Louis Stevenson, text; Mark Patterson, music

3. Dream Angus (Old Gaelic); arr. Mandy Miller

4. Humpty Dumpty; Dave and Jean Perry

5. We’re All Children of the World; Patrice Villnes/Tim Hayden

2009 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Tamara Schupmann

1. Resonet in Laudibus; arr. Z. Randall Stroope

2. And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears; Eleanor Daley

3. I’se the Bye; arr. John Govedas

4. Foggy Birthday Shuffle; Stephen Hatfield

5. Ae Fond Kiss; arr. Lee Kessleman

2008 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Panni Kovacs

1. Ferry Me Across the Water; Lyn Williams

2. The Sally Garden (Irish Folk Song); arr. Benjamin Britten

3. Duermete, Mi Nino (Puerto Rican Folk Song); arr. Carl S. Miller

4. Chariot’s Comin’ (Spiritual); arr. Don Besig and Nancy Price

2007 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Susan Brumfield

1. Be Gone, Dull Care; Britten (From Friday Afternoons)

2. Two Poems by Emily Dickinson

3. Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans; arr. Kirby Shaw

4. Old Dan Tucker; arr. Susan Brumfield

2006 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Catherine Glasser-Climie

1. I Had a Little Nut Tree; arr. Betty Bertaux

2. The Owl and the Pussycat

3. Hot Cross Buns

4. Mending Song; Daniel Kalimen

2005 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Janet Scarcella

1. Birds are Singing; Eleanor Daley

2. Art Thou Troubled; G.F. Handel, arr. John Leavitt

3. Dona, Dona; Sheldon Secunda; arr. Ruth Dwyer

4. Great Day (Spiritual); arr. Rollo Dilwerth

2004 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Alyssa Coble

1. Wee Little Piute; arr. Mark Hierholszer.

2. I Will at All Times Bless the Lord; G.F. Handel, arr. Hopson

3. Fairest Lady; arr. Nick Page

4. The Fox; arr. Kirk Aamot

2003 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Ruth Dwyer

1. Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet; arr. Jean Ashworth Bartle

2. Deux Poules Francais (Two French Hens); arr. Shela Donajue

3. Pat Works on the Railway; arr. Ruth Dwyer

4. I Love This Land; Patsy Ford Simms)

2002 Choral Festival

Guest Conductor: Mary Goetze

1. Sarasponda (Dutch Children’s Song); arr. B Wayne Bisbee

2. The Trout (Schubert); arr. Ed Harris

3. The Little Birch Tree (Russian Folk Song); arr. M. Goetze

4. Hine Ma Tov (Hebrew Folk Song); arr. Alan Naplan

5. When Children Sing; James Heup, text; Mary Goetze, music.

6. Johnson Boys (American Folk Song); arr. M. Goetze