2017 SWOKE Choral Festival


Registration for the festival is now in an online-only format.

Please click here to register your choir using the electronic form.

Contact Kari Liebert with questions.

Teacher documents and resources will be posted below when available

650 NW 118th Ave

General Information

The Choral Festival will take place on February 24, 2017, and is open to all elementary school singers with unchanged voices. This year, we are excited to have Mr. Andrew Brown work with our students. The festival location is at Vose Elementary in Beaverton.

Each choir will come for a day of rehearsal with the clinician (Friday during the school day, between 9:45 AM - 1:45 PM) and perform as part of a massed festival choir in an evening concert on Friday, February 24, 2017, at 7:00 PM. Individual choirs will also have the opportunity to sing ONE song of the director's choosing, if they wish. If you'd like to participate, please be prepared to indicate your repertoire selection at the time of registration.

Festival Cost & Registration

Members of SWOKE and OAKE receive a discount on the per-student registration fee. The cost per student is $5 for OAKE members and $10 for OAKE non-members. Directors must have current membership through February 24th to qualify for the member discount. 

SWOKE collects registrations for the festival electronically. To register your choir to participate, please complete the online registration form.

Kindly complete this information by January 27, 2017. Payment is due by February 17, 2017. Choirs who submit registration after January 27th will be charged a 5% late fee. Payments postmarked after February 17th will also be charged a separate and additional 5% late fee.

Combined Performance Repertoire

For your convenience, we have prepared a music list with JW Pepper stock numbers, from which you can order these combined pieces.

 Title    Composer/Arranger Parts Publisher JW Pepper  #
Jubilate Deo (round)Michael Praetorius 
Campfire Song - e minorBardos/Needleman


email us for a copy
The Little Birch Treearr. Sue Bohlin    UnisonSanta Barbara10046903
Red Dragonflies arr. Dwyer    SSAColla Voce3271640
Shake the Papaya Downarr. Dwyer/Waller   SSAColla Voce1925650 

Audio & Video Recordings Policy

The 2017 SWOKE Choral Festival will be professionally recorded, and DVDs and CDs of the performance will be available for purchase. The recording company compensates the copyright holder for the rights to record their works.

In accordance with US Copyright Laws, we kindly request that you refrain from making unauthorized audio or video recordings of the performance. We deeply appreciate your cooperation in this matter.