Next Association Meeting: 8/28/19 at the Coos Bay School District Office Community Room. New Officials 6PM; Veteran Officials at 6:30

I'm planning on sending out another list of bulletin items later this weekend, but there are a few things I want to clear up in the meantime as everyone is preparing for their upcoming scrimmages.

1. Some of you have seen the video I posted on the Central Hub showing footage from Colorado where the crew is working a high school game with a 40-second clock.  I think the video will help you visualize what we'll be doing.  It can be found here:

2. One common question that has come up is what to do with the clocks on a first down when the runner is tackled inbounds.  It is covered in the video, but a quick synopsis is that the crew stops the clock for the first down and the Back Judge or Referee starts the 40-second play clock.  Once the Umpire sets the ball and begins to back away, the Referee gives a silent wind for the game clock to start.  There is no other signal (no chop).  Also, we do not wait for the chains- if they are not in place, the Head Linesman will drop a bean bag at the line of scrimmage as a reference point.

     Executive Board 2019
President                               David Curley
Vice President                      Jacob Snoddy
Secretary                               Mark Stephens (1 year)
Treasurer                               Rocky Buckles (2 years)
Member at Large (1 year)    Steve Martin
Member at Large (2 year)    Don McNeely
Past President                      Kerrry Leep
Commissioner                             Roy Palmer

OSAA/OAOA Central Hub


3. Earlier in the spring I sent out an email about the old requirement to wear black shoes.  The requirement for all black shoes has been changed to: "Black football shoes, which may include some white accents, with black laces are required."

4. There are two different versions of 2019 Oregon Sub-Varsity Rules Modifications floating out there, including the one that was in our officiating packets.  Unfortunately, neither version is completely correct- I apologize for that!  I have placed a copy of the correct version on the Central Hub website here:   A few specific things to point out: a) There is no option for an onside kick equivalent, b) There is no option for a "quick-kick", c) Instead of punting, the receiving team will put the ball in play 1st and 10 at the succeeding spot 35-yards from the previous spot, d) No "punt" can put the ball inside the B-20 so the decision to punt from beyond the A-45 will put the ball at the B-20 (sheet currently says B-45, which is also technically correct).

That's it for now- expect one more email before the season starts to address a few other items that have come up.  Any questions, feel free to contact me.