Welcome to the website for the revitalized Schieffer Willowbrook neighborhood association!  Established in the 1980s (at least), the SWNA is comprised of 178 households complete with a curmudgeon or two.  We are eager to build community with neighbors of all ages, both for social and neighborhood preservation/ improvement purposes.

In between scheduled meetings, the Association's business and priorities are represented by an active Council of 4 individuals (see sidebar for names and contact info). All neighbors are encouraged to reach out to Council members with suggestions, ideas for improvement, or issues of concern anytime. The bylaws include provisions for neighbors to petition for additional meetings when a pressing need is felt.

  Recent news:
  • Meeting minutes posted.  New officers!
 Items of interest to SWNA members include:
  • Code Next - (see Page below)
  • Patterson Park Community Garden   
  • Local Historic District - (see Page below)
  • Cultivating neighborhood solidarity and positive engagement
  • Mobility 35 in participation with the NCINC2 coalition  ncinc2.org
  • Project Connect projectconnect.com
  • Friends of Patterson Park 
  • Friends and Lovers of Willowbrook Reach
  • Flooding on the Grayson branch of Upper Boggy Creek
  • Cut through traffic (current and anticipated)
  • Crime
  • Envision Airport Blvd
  • Parking in the Willowbrook Reach greenbelt 
  • Protection and addition to the tree canopy
  • Enhanced accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists
You are encouraged to join the SWNA email distribution list by sending a request to swnassoc@gmail.com