VLF soundcard receiver program SAQrx (for Windows)


The famous program SAQrx from Johan Bodin SM6LKM was inspiring me for adding
more features for the user.

The original is found here: https://sites.google.com/site/sm6lkm/saqrx
Thank to Johan for the great job and the sources!
Read his PDF documentation for installing and usage and/or use the HELP button.

73 de Roland.
What is new in V094 ?
  • Supported samplerates:

  • Filter for CW (BW 1000,300,100,50 Hz), SSB (BW 2400 Hz), AM (BW 4300 Hz)
  • Spectrum display for audio frequency
  • File-I/O for *.wav format (8/16/24 bit), Broadcast Wave Format BWF accepted
  • Left/Right channel select, and sum or difference L+R,L-R
  • RMS bar (red) for audio level, blue bar for inband SNR (Max-Min) after filter
  • Muting (M) key
  • Time+Date display, UTC or local time
  • Calling from command line for timed record function (all versions):
       SAQrxV094_44k.exe [-i] [-o] -txx,yy
       -i : Input  Record (Radio Frequency in FS), or -b for stereo input.
       -o : Output Record (Audio Frequency, 11 or 12kHz)

       xx : Number of minutes to wait for recording after program start
       yy : Number of minutes as duration of recording session
                    After start, select frequency and filter, then wait ...
  • For nerds:  Simulation of a SAQ transmission      

   Sources are included for your own studies or development, free for noncommercial usage.


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