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Annual General Meeting. 2

The Executive Committee. 4

Competitions. 5

Handicap & Grading Committees. 6

Cancellation of Matches. 8

Special Knock-Out Cup Rules. 9

Entrance Fees. 10

Receipt of Entries. 10

Team Composition, Fixtures & Order of Play. 11

Miscellaneous. 17


1.       The League shall be known as the SOUTH-WEST LEINSTER BADMINTON LEAGUE, hereinafter called “THE LEAGUE”.

2.       The management of “THE LEAGUE” shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee elected each season at the Annual General Meeting.

3.       The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the end of each season, usually before the end of May.

Annual General Meeting

4.       The Annual General Meeting will deal with the following:

a)       Minutes of previous A.G.M. and matters arising therefrom.

b)      Hon. Secretary’s Report.

c)       Hon. Treasurer’s Report.

d)      Election of Executive Committee.

e)      Election of Handicap and Grading Committees.

f)        Proposals for additions, deletions & amendments to the Rules & Conditions.

g)       Any other business (AOB).


a)       At the Annual General Meeting only clubs which played in the previous season’s competitions have the power to make and second proposals and vote.

b)      Only one vote per club allowed on any issue to be decided.

c)       Voting will be by ballot.


a)       A sub-committee may be elected at the A.G.M. or by the Executive Committee for a specific undertaking.

b)      In all cases a sub-committee shall report to the Executive Committee.


a)       Seven days’ notice at least, specifying the date, time and place of the A.G.M. and signed by the Hon. Secretary will be sent by post or email to each club secretary of previous season’s fixture list.

b)      Each club not sending a representative to the A.G.M. must pay a fine of €50.00 to “THE LEAGUE” before the next season’s competitions begin.

c)       A person may not be elected onto a committee etc. unless he/she is present at the AGM, except in exceptional circumstances when he/she sends word to the League that he/she is willing to go on a committee etc. and act.

8.      Any alterations or amendments of the Rules, together with the names of the Proposer and the Seconder, must reach the Hon. Secretary at least 10 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

9.       Any alterations or amendments of the Rules will not be passed unless supported by a majority of the Clubs present entitled to vote.


The Executive Committee


a)       The Executive Committee consists of: The President, seven Vice Presidents, Hon. Secretary/Treasurer. Secretary to receive €380.00 and the president €130.00.

b)      The president, if not re-elected, will automatically become a Vice-President.

11.   The Executive Committee has power to enforce all regulations governing the competitions and to decide any matter not provided for in these Rules and also to investigate any irregularity or breach of these Rules which may come under notice whether or not a formal protest in the matter has been made.


a)       All issues decided by the Executive Committee shall be final and binding for that season.

b)      Not more than one member of a club may be elected to the Senior or Junior Grading Committees, excluding the President and Secretary/Treasurer. Where more than one person’s from the same club are elected to the Executive Committee, that club shall only have one vote at Executive Meetings.



13.   The League runs the following competitions: -

a)    Grade 1 Mixed, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues

b)    Grade 2 Mixed, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues

c)    Grade 3 Mixed, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues

d)    Grade 4 Mixed, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues

e)    Grade 5 Mixed, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues

f)     Grade 6 Mixed, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues

g)    Grade 7 Mixed, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues

h)    Grade 1 Knock-Out Cup

i)      Grade 2 Knock-Out Cup

j)      Grade 3 Knock-Out Cup

k)    Grade 4 Knock-Out Cup

l)      Grade 5 Knock-Out Cup

m)  Grade 6 Knock-Out Cup

n)    Grade7 Knock-Out Cup

o)    Leagues are generally subdivided into sections.

p)    League section winners play one another in their respective finals etc.

q)    Where a League consists of four teams or more, at least one semi-final will take place to decide the finalists; where a league consists of only three teams, the two teams with the highest points will go straight to a Final; where a league consists of four teams, the team with the highest points will go straight to a Final and the two teams with the next highest points will play a Semi-Final to decide the other place in the Final.

r)     Only the Grade 1 Mixed League will be handicapped, if needed, at the discretion of the grading committee.

s)     All Knock-Out Cups are open draw competitions.

t)     All Knock-Out Cups are handicapped, if needed, at the discretion of the grading committee.

u)    No setting allowed in handicapped competitions.

v)    Feather shuttles to be used in all grades.

w)  In either a League or Knock-Out Cup Final, if a player is injured in his/her first game, is unable to complete the game and cannot play in his/her second game, a registered substitute, if available, will be allowed to play instead of the injured player in the second game.

Handicap & Grading Committees


a)       There are two committees - one for grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 teams, and one for grades 5, 6 and 7.

b)      The number elected on each committee is usually seven.

c)       Both committees meet at least four times each season. The first meeting is held on or after the closing date for Men’s & Ladies’ League competitions. The second meeting is held on the closing date for Mixed League competitions. The third meeting is usually held in early December to grade entries for the Championships. The fourth meeting is held after Christmas for the Knock-Out cups.

d)      The committees meet for the purpose of grading and handicapping the teams entered for all the competitions.

e)      The committees have the power to place teams in whichever competitions they think the team is most capable of competing.

f)        The committees also have the power to upgrade teams, irrespective of whether they (the teams) have won a competition or not during the previous season.

g)       League winning teams losing four or more of their regular players may be allowed to remain in the particular grade at the discretion of the grading committee.

h)      A sub-committee of 3 persons with 2 substitutes (elected at the annual AGM) has the power to decide on the matter of teams not playing matches in time. In very serious cases, the sub-committee can recommend to the Executive Committee that two points be deducted from one or both teams.

i)        Only partnerships for the Championships will be graded for entry i.e. if a player does not have, or has not been paired with a partner on the night of the grading meeting, they will not be graded for entry.

j)        Entries received after the closing date may not be accepted. It is at the discretion of the Executive Committee to decide whether or not to accept a late entry and to grade that entry.


15.   Fixture lists of the League competitions will be forwarded to each Club Secretary after which date no postponement of fixtures is permissible, except where the hall is not available.

16.   Mixed League competitions usually start during the first week of November and finish as near as possible to the second week of February.

a)    Men’s & Ladies’ League competitions start in early September and finish as near as possible to the second week in November.

b)    Men's & Ladies’ League competitions will also be governed by the League competitions' rules.

17.   At least half of the Mixed League matches must be played by Christmas. Should a team not have at least half of the Mixed League matches played by this time, barring exceptional circumstances, the sub-committee for ensuring teams have matches played on time can arrange the fixture in a neutral hall.


Cancellation of Matches

18.   If a match has to be cancelled, at least 24 hours’ notice must be given, if less opposing team may claim the match, and the team in default will automatically be penalised 2 points, at the discretion of the Executive Committee. If less, barring exceptional circumstances, the Executive Committee will have the power to decide on the matter.

19.   If a match has to be cancelled from the date in the book, and it is not played within 9 days, the Executive Committee may decide to deduct up to two points from one or both teams. 


a)       Knock-Out Cup Competitions start after Christmas.

b)      2 Weeks are usually allowed for each round to be played.

c)       The onus is on “Home” teams to get each round played.

d)      Where a cup fixture is not completed by the due date on the draw, the sub-committee for ensuring matches are played on times can arrange the fixture in a neutral hall.

e)      Any team not fulfilling the fixture by the due date may be disqualified from the competition, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

f)        Knock-Out Cup draws will be forwarded to each Club Secretary and these competitions will also be governed by the League competition Rules - in particular Rules 18 and 19.


a)       Finals of the Mixed League to be played during February and March. Finals of the Men's & Ladies’ Leagues to be played during October & November.

b)      Finals of the Knock-Out Cups to be played during March and April.

c)       Dates of Finals will not be changed, barring exceptional circumstances i.e. bereavement or it clashes with a Leinster Branch competition or any other League’s Final.

Special Knock-Out Cup Rules

22.   Teams having priority in the “Order of Draw” for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds have home venue, i.e. each team is given a number and whichever number comes up first of any matches being played has a home venue.

23.   In the event of a match being drawn (including Knock-Out Cup semi-finals), that they are to be decided over one night; sets to count and then aces – if still even, 1 set of first mixed to be played to decide the result.


a)       If a count of aces becomes necessary, aces are to be counted from scratch, irrespective of whether teams concerned are carrying plus or minus handicaps.

b)      This count of aces also applies to the handicapped League competition.

25.   In the Knock-Out Cup only, Halls must be; 20 ft. wide plus have 12ins. at both sides of court. 44 ft. long plus have 18 ins. at both ends of Hall, and must have 4 walls all 17 ft. high.


a)       Since all teams are automatically entered in their respective Knock-Out Cups, if any team does not wish to compete please give walk-over promptly to opposing team, and also send in a Score Sheet with walk -over written on it and the relevant details of the competition concerned.

b)      In the Knock-Out Cup where a team gets a walk-over, the score sheet must be filled out as if the team played, and it is counted as a game. 

27.   All Knock-Out Cups are handicapped events. Straight subtraction will apply and handicaps are to be reduced where possible.


Entrance Fees


a)       No club can compete unless the Entrance Fee for each team has been paid.

b)      Entrance Fees are as follows: €20 per team for 4-Player Men's Leagues, €20 per team for 4-Player Ladies’ Leagues, €40 per team for 8-Player Mixed League & €20 per team for Knock-Out Cup.

c)       Entrance Fee to be paid to the Hon. Secretary at time of entry.

29.   All Clubs must be affiliated to the B.I. and fees for affiliation are to be sent direct to B.I.

Receipt of Entries


a)       On or before the last date fixed for the receipt of entries for the League & Cup competitions, each Club shall submit the names of the players selected to play for each team, and the highest grade they have attained.

b)      Players can be named on up to two teams, providing the teams are entered from the one club. (“One Club” rule barring Grade 1 exception – See Rule 42).


a)       The acceptance of any further nominations of either players or substitutes submitted after the closing date for receipt of entries shall be entirely at the discretion of the Executive Committee. These nominations will only be accepted and dealt with in writing (by post or email).

b)      Such nominations will not however be accepted for any team subsequent to teams having being allocated to their Leagues, if the Executive Committee decide the nominations in question are considered likely to strengthen that team. These nominations will only be accepted and dealt with in writing.

c)       The League Secretary shall call Executive Committee meetings as and when required.

Team Composition, Fixtures & Order of Play


a)       8 Player Mixed League & Cup teams shall consist of 4 Ladies’ and 4 Gentlemen. 4 Player Men's & Ladies’ League shall consist of either four men or four Ladies’ respectively. All teams entering league and cup competitions must consist of a minimum of 50% of club members (i.e. affiliated members of that club) and a minimum of 50% club members must play in each match

b)      8 Player Mixed League matches shall consist of 2 Ladies’ Doubles, 2 Men’s Doubles and 4 Mixed Doubles. 4 Player Men's & Ladies’ League matches shall consist of four men's or Ladies’ doubles respectively.

c)       Games shall consist of the best of 3 sets of 21 aces.

d)      In the case of the 8 person Mixed League & Cup competitions where there are insufficient team numbers to make a competition and provided all other avenues have been exhausted, the executive committee have permission to change the team format to a 6 person or 4 person team.

33.   A point is awarded for the winning of each game in the eight game (Mixed League) or four game (Men's & Ladies’ League) match. Maximum number of points to be won is eight (Mixed League) or four (Men's & Ladies’ League). The Men’s and Ladies’ League will consist of four men’s and four ladies’ doubles. A pair may not play any more than one game in each match. The team must play to strength.

34.   Each team shall play one Home and one Away match against each team entered in their League, or Section where the League is divided.

a)       The onus is on the "Home" team to arrange the match. The "Away" team must be offered at least 2 different nights within 7 days of the original fixture date. One of these dates must be on a weekday. If the opposing ("Away") team cannot play on either of these dates the sub-committee (See Rule 14 (h)) will be contacted to try to resolve the problem.

 35.   Official Score Sheets only must be used and completed in all hearings.

36.   The order of play is; Mixed League: 1st Ladies’, 1st Men, 2nd Ladies’, 2nd Men, mixed from the top or by mutual agreement between the Captains, Men's & Ladies’ Leagues: 1st Doubles, 2nd Doubles, 3rd Doubles & 4th Doubles.  If there is a disagreement the foregoing order prevails. 


a)       The Captains of both teams shall forward the signed original score sheets (by post or email) to the Hon. Secretary.

b)      If official results are not received within 9 days of the date the match is played, two points may be deducted from both teams, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


a)       All Mixed League matches shall start no later than 8.00pm. 

b)      If a team is unable to provide a game, that team shall forfeit the next game on the Order of Play as per Rule 38 (d), unless a mutual agreement has been made between the teams prior to the commencement of the match.

c)       If only mixed is available then this game should be played. If a team facilitates another team by playing games out of sequence, that team would normally have the right to arrange the sequence of the mixed to suit themselves. It should, however, be agreed at the outset between the opposing captains.

d)      Games can be claimed every half hour, e.g. 8.15 p.m., 8.45 p.m., and so on.

39.   Afternoon fixtures can only be arranged by mutual agreement between the teams.


a)       In all matches, the captains of the teams shall, prior to commencement of play, exchange their respective official score sheets.

b)      No stronger pair shall play below a weaker pair. A breach of this rule may be reported to the Executive Committee by the opposing team or any member of the Executive Committee.

c)       If any doubt exists as to the correct order of merit of players, this order shall be rectified on request to the Executive Committee.

 41.   A player shall not be permitted to play for any more than one club affiliated to “The League” in any one season. However, a player playing in a lower grade may play with a different club in Grade 1, up to a maximum of 4 players per team.


a)       Any club which plays an illegal player or does not accurately return names of players taking part in matches shall be liable, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, to have the team concerned disqualified from “The League”.

b)      Where a team fails to fulfil its league fixtures the team will be deemed to be disqualified from the League and rule 43(c) shall apply.

c)       If a team is disqualified, all points awarded for and against that team shall be declared null and void for that particular season.


a)       Any dispute arising between Clubs in these competitions shall be referred to the Executive Committee within 3 working days of the completion of the match and such complaints must be made in writing (by post or email) to the Hon. Secretary.

b)      All objections lodged must be signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Club.


a)       A substitute is someone who substitutes on a team when a team member is missing, and is not a member of the team at the beginning of the season. When a substitute is played the name of the player he or she is substituting for is to be put on the Score Sheet.

b)      A substitute shall play in the place of the player for whom he or she is substituting or in the 2nd Ladies’, 2nd Men’s and 4th mixed positions, and shall be noted as substitute on the official Score Sheet.

c)       A substitute does not become a permanent player of a team, no matter how many times they play for that team, and can therefore substitute in a different position if necessary.

d)      Substitutes for higher teams may be taken from lower teams.

e)      Substitutes for higher teams (only named as substitutes on the higher team) cannot play on lower teams.

f)        All substitutes must be graded for the season and clubs are to be informed as to their grade if it is different from that specified by the Club Secretary.


a)       In League competitions no alterations in order of play or personnel of a team can be made after the second match. This does not apply to substitutes.

b)      In Knock-Out Cup competitions no alterations of players or personnel of a team can be made after the first match. This does not apply to substitutes.


a)       Where a Club has more than one team playing in the same Grade of the League or Cup, each of these teams shall be considered as a complete unit and graded accordingly. A single list of substitutes shall be submitted for both teams. Either team can draw from the list of substitutes. Once a substitute has played for one of the teams, they are then tied to that team for the remainder of the competition.

b)      Where a Club has 2 or more teams in the same competition, since these teams are complete units, if the club withdraws one team, substitutes or named players cannot be taken from the withdrawn team for the other team or teams remaining in the same competition.

c)       Where two teams from the same club are grouped within the same section, they must play both their Home and Away matches against each other before playing any other fixture.

47.   All clubs may be required to provide the Executive Committee with the free use of their hall for one match.

48.   The Hon. Secretary, on the approval of the Executive Committee, usually arranges neutral venue matches and may arrange that finals and semi-finals be run together in multi-court halls.

49.   A neutral venue match is any match played at a neutral venue, whether it be one of the following:

a)       Play-off of a section of any League.

b)      Quarter-finals, Semi-finals or finals of any League.

c)       Knock-Out Cup semi-finals and finals.

50.   All neutral venue matches are to be played in the order of games on the Score Sheet.

51.   Both teams should make sure that the Score Sheets are properly completed in all headings as per Rule 35 (a).

52.   Both teams share shuttles for neutral matches.


a)       Semi-finals should not be umpired, where possible, by players involved in the final.

b)      Neutral observers will normally take charge of the match - if however, for any reason no neutral observer is present both team captains should take responsibility for each alternate game.


a)       If neutral venue match is drawn sets to count, if still equal, aces to count and if still equal a replay will be arranged. If a count of aces is necessary Rule 24 applies.

b)      If a final is a draw on aces a replay will be held within seven days.


a)       Home Club of neutral venue will usually supply supper for which a charge will be made to all teams who partake. This charge belongs to the Home club.

b)      No stoppage of play is allowed for tea or other beverages - exceptions only for semi-finals and finals when the normal 15 minute break is allowed.

c)       Both teams will pay the appropriate hall fee to the Club hosting a neutral game - fee may be increased annually.

56.   An admission fee will be charged at all neutral venue matches. The admission fee is for “The League”.



57.   “The League” is also governed by the following:

a)       Leinster Branch of B.I.

b)      Badminton Ireland.

c)       International Badminton Federation.

58.   “Whites” must be worn on the court at all times. N.B. The interpretation of “Whites” means acceptable racket wear.

59.   “The League”, "Men's & Ladies’ Leagues" and “Cup” are separate competitions.

60.   Players transferring between between clubs must fill in the standard transfer sheet showing previous club and standards achieved. The form must be signed by the person being transferred and also by the Secretary or Chairman of their new club.

61.   Executive members visiting any match have the right to enforce rigidly Rules 38(a) and 38(d) re starting times.


























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