I love color! I’m fascinated by the seemingly infinite number of hues and intensities, their relationships to each other, and the emotions and memories they evoke in the people who view them.  Colors frequently take us by surprise. 

When I create a painting, I’m often looking for colors and color combinations that create energy and connect with the viewer.  And other times, I’m just
playing around! 

Before I discovered painting, I enjoyed designing and creating hardwood furniture.  I was surprised to learn that the process for creating both a piece of furniture and a painting can be quite similar at times.  In fact, I have been known to occasionally use my woodworking tools and skills while working on a painting. 

I enjoy exploring different styles and experimenting with different techniques.  I doubt that I will ever settle into one particular style.  And my techniques are similarly varied.  For example, I find that I am using paintbrushes less and less over time, replacing them with other tools such as natural sponges, palette knives, flexible rubber blades, and line applicators. 

Helen Frankenthaler, one of my favorite artists, once commented that “Every canvas is a journey all its own.”  I couldn't agree more!

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