The conference will take place on January 24 - 30, 2016 in Engelberg, Switzerland.

REGISTRATION (deadline for registration: December 3, 2015)

The program will include mini-courses by Thang Le, Nikolai Reshetikhin and Mohammed Abouzaid, as well as several talks.

Organizer: Anna Beliakova (Zurich)

This conference is the third in the series of SwissMAP Geometry and Topology conferences.
Scientific Committee of the conference series: Anton Alekseev (Geneva); Anna Beliakova (Zürich); Paul Biran (ETH); Jérémy Blanc (Basel); Tobias Ekholm (Uppsala); Ilia Itenberg (Paris); Conan Leung (Hong Kong); Grigory Mikhalkin (Geneva); Oleg Viro (Stony Brook).