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Whether you are planning to start-up a new business, upgrade or refurbish an existing business, office or home, we can assist you to get the appropriate equipment:

audio-visual equipment
POS terminals
wireless communication devices
VoIP and video conferencing solutions
security cameras
biometric solutions
or any digital devices

Let us set up your CRM system tailored not by our stock but your real needs. As independent advisers we are able to find the best possible solution for you on the lowest budget and design it for an easy use, flexible, modular structured future proof system to save you time and money. If you have a working, established business, your customers or business partners have to be able to reach you somehow. Are they able to reach you online? If not, or your existing web solution doesn't deliver what you expected, we are here to help. We have the solution. Easy and cost effective.

SwissIT can make your business appear online: on the internet, GPS maps, social network sites and everywhere that counts, and also gives you full control over your public and internal communication. We help you make the most of the web based opportunities regardless the size and the type of your business.  
"We are working on clouds" - SwissIT offers reliable, secure web-based office tools and applications for any size businesses.

For a free quote and advice please phone:  +44 782 544 9195 or Contact Us

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