We create for you a bold and unique web presence with advanced extra features.
We are versatile with in-house digital photo, video, and aerial filming capabilities. 

All our cloud website deployment are mobile friendly

and meet or exceed the Google standard to receive preferential treatment in Google search results from the changes followed the new search engine update on 21st of April 2015. 

SwissIT has been deploying cloud systems and Google Apps since 2008We truly believe cloud computing is the future. Our goal is to find or develop and set-up a system which is easy to use and gives you an infrastructure with the lowest monthly cost possible without ever compromising on security, as well as making you independent from places or computers. Most of our websites and company administration systems are fully manageable from  any computer, without special set-up. You can monitor and make changes, if you wish, from an Internet Café or even from your phone. 

Cut your communication cost, use Google infrastructure  and set yourself free.

What do we offer for businesses individuals or communities?

  • cloud based website design, you can manage as easy as an email
  • company work-flow systemsinternal communication and administration
  • technical equipment ranging from security cams to customised POS terminals
  • training: we give you full control 

    Why cloud?
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