We rebuild and fine tune the best laptops in this planet and its orbit. Time to change the way of our thinking!
We love nature and promote affordable and environmentally friendly reuse of computers. Studies show that reusing a computer is up to 20 times better for the environment than breaking it up and recycling it. The manufacturing of new computers uses energy, fossil fuels and finite resources whereas prolonging the life of a computer is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint of IT. Off-lease computers are used computers. They’re leased to corporations instead of being purchased. And when the lease runs out they’re replaced with newer computers. Then the ones that they had previously are sold to various companies that are in the refurbishment business. So these computers coming off the lease become refurbished, guaranteeing the performance of a new one and then sold as used computers.
They’re usually business-class computers. They’re not the consumer kind that you find at Argos. They’ve been working for two-three years, therefor you can be assured they’re going to work for many years to come. We have a risk free warranty package so you could get a good deal on them while reducing your carbon footprint.
ThinkPad is a brand of ubiquitous black laptop computers, originally designed, manufactured and sold by IBM. They are well known for their boxy black design which was originally modeled after the Japanese Bento box (though the current Edge model deviates from this design). Since early 2005, the ThinkPad range has been manufactured and marketed by Lenovo who purchased the IBM personal computer division.
  • Known for its reliability, quality, durability, and performance, ThinkPads are popular among businesses, corporations and schools; the ThinkPad has been even used in space being the only laptop certified for the use on the International Space Station.
If you would like to have a great workhorse fine tuned and specialized, for a surprisingly low price contact us and we will find the best model to suit your needs and it will come with a warranty.