Passport required!

Many of the shopkeepers in Alma will have the Alma Passport available in their shops, which will provide a wealth of information about this event and serve as your guide around town. Please pick one up and be sure to have it stamped (or signed), as you hike through town. Once you have them stamped (at least 7 out of 14 of them), you can drop them off or place your contact information on a separate card and it will be entered in a drawing to win the ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ALMA SWISS DOLLARS which can be spent at any of the participating shop or shops in town!  Passports must be dropped off at any participating business by 3pm on August 8th after which we will rush door to door and pick them up to hold a drawing by 4 pm at the Hotel de Ville.  The Hiking Trail can begin anywhere, but the list below runs from the north end of town to the south.   Sales and special events will be found along the way including occasional concerts by our Alp Horn players, The Edelweiss Alphorn Duo and Ray Rubenzer, our one man polka band!  There will be an accordion player, Mike Opitz, at our BEER GARDEN PATIO  at the EMPIRE ROOM as well.  He will yodel and perform Swiss songs and sing a longs as well.

1. The Burlington Hotel & Quilt Shop

         809 N. Main St.  Kathi Korum: 608-685-3636

              Fabric, quilting supplies, gifts and regional artists' works.

              The Burlington Hotel Quilt Shop will have Swiss-themed patterns, special refreshments and a fiber-arts contest.  You may begin your entry                
              right away.  The only requirement is that you must use  red and white, the colors of the Swiss flag in your completed project.  You may 

              embroider, knit, crochet, dye,
              weave, sew, quilt or otherwise use your skills with fiber arts to create any item for this contest.  There is no size minimum or maximum. 
              All entries delivered to the shop by noon on Friday, October 7th will be displayed at the Alma Quilt Show and three Viewers’ Choice awards                 will be given, with $50, $25 and $15 shop gift certificates given as prizes.

2. Weaving Studio

         411 N. Main St. Marcia 608-685-4151

               Creative weaving, mosaics & art.  Her shop is a "must see" event if only because she puts on such an effort to welcome everyone to her                    
               town!!!!   (her weaving work is out of this world too - a true talent.)


        305 North Main Street Dan Kordiak 612-423-3653


                When in Alma, try our ice cream which is first rate! Our Italian Espresso Machine is also a treat. Do not miss our European style

                French formal and Italianate gardens behind the shop. The limestone walls were built by the Swiss settlers in 1867-69.

                Don't miss our GYPSY WAGON CURIOSITY SHOP full of antiques and a few Swiss themed items (jewelry box, music box, bells, mugs                     etc.)

  4. Art & Soul

        303 N. Main St.  Gail Pommerening 715-279-1480

                 Original artwork, prints, framing, jewelry, international crafts & apparel.  Gail will be selling her latest Sketch entitled, "The Hills Fill My

                 Heart", along with prints of her prior years commemorative works,  "Edelweiss, Edelweiss...." , and "High on a Hill....."  I wonder if she will

                 have those cute little goats in the garden again this year?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              5. Wings Over Alma

        118 N. Main Street

                  This will be the site of the Swiss pancake breakfast.


6. Mississippi River Pearl Jewelry Co.

        125 N. Main St. Call: 651-301-1204

                   We design jewelry with natural Mississippi River pearls.

                   Original oil paintings & prints by Nadine.

7. Alma Leather

        121 N. Main St. Check us on Facebook. Call: 608-685-4775

                    Custom leather goods and lederhosen repair.


8. Water Lily Gifts

         111 N. Main St.  Call: 608-685-4911

                  Unique gifts & home decor and a grand array of items from Switzerland and Tee shirts.

9. Alma General Store

         100 N. Main St. Call: 608-685-2652

                  Local artisan collection along with global textiles from South America & Europe.

10. 3 G Gallery

        100 S. Main St. Ann Matchey: 715-495-8531

                  Handcrafted items made by 3 generations of the family.  


11. Stump Town Gallery

         109 S. Main St.  Call: 608-685-3697

                    Contemporary paintings, ceramics, textiles & jewelry.

12. The Commercial

         305 S. Main St. Kristine Kjos: 608-418-0144

                  Contemporary art, exceptional glass, ceramics, textiles & jewelry.  Swiss flag themed pillows.

13. Shanty on Main

          325 S. Main St. Facebook     612-251-3581

                 Redesigned, restyled, re-purposed. An amazing selection of one of a kind items which change weekly.

14. Alma Vintage Photo Shop  

            312 South Main Street  The name says it all.  The photo shop will have a backdrop for your souvenir  photo.