In Memory Of

This entire event is dedicated once again to the memory of Blanche Schneider, who was born in Alma in 1921 and passed away April 30, 2012.  She loved the town and fought to preserve the best of it.  She worked tirelessly with the Alma Historical Society to put together an annual Swiss Heritage Days for a little over a decade from 1981 to 1992.  It is tough to walk through town and not see her hand in preserving Swiss touches like the stair steps in place of steep streets or the fact that virtually the entire town is a preserved historical site. It is in her memory that we honor those who carved this town into a hillside and made it unique in so many ways.
When I first decided to do this event, one of the locals was quick to say, "Blanche would be dancing on her grave" to hear the news.  Well, Blanche, dance in the heavens above, we haven't forgotten just yet.  Thank You.

                     Dan Kordiak, Owner
                     Hotel de Ville