Your Trip Itinerary

Friday, JULY 27, 2018
10am to 4pm - THE ALMA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT will be selling brats at the fire department.

5:00pm - WINGS OVER ALMA at 110 North Main Street will be the site of the Swiss Miss Pageant in addition to several other Swiss Heritage Day events!  This year they will be limiting entrants to Swiss members of the community between the ages of 7 and 17 as the stage is only so big!  The balloting will be sponsored by Wings over Alma, our local eagle and bird watching center.  The will be a short musical program before the announcement and awarding of the sash (which will once again be generously provided by Alma Blooms our  local genius of a florist).  Ballots can be filled out and dropped off at either Wings over Alma, Alma Blooms, Alma Historical Society or the Hotel de Villes' Fire and Ice coffee shop prior to noon on Thursday, July 26th.  The ballots will be carefully tallied by Arthur Anderson (he lives on 3rd Street) then sealed in an envelope until the Award ceremony is held!  

Saturday, JULY 28, 2018
10am to 9pm - Should it rain, Fire and Ice, the ice cream and coffee shop at the HOTEL DE VILLE will have snappy red umbrellas which you can borrow with a $15.00 deposit or take one home if you like it!

8am to 11:30am - Wings Over Alma will be serving a Swiss Pancake Breakfast once again.  It was a huge hit last year!!  On the menu will be:                         Swiss Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, sausages, orange juice, applesauce, syrup and coffee.
                     Tickets will be $ 6.00 -- children under 5 are free.  Many of the WINGS  members are Swiss - don't hesitate to ask about our towns                             Swiss history.
                    Wings, as the locals call it, is dedicated to enhance and promote awareness of the Upper Mississippi River environment through                          educational programs, displays and exhibits and to raise the level of arts and crafts appreciation through demonstrations and                                exhibitions by area artisans.
10am to 4 - CASTLEROCK MUSEUM which houses a world class collection of medieval arms & armor (402 South Second Street) will have a booth at the 3G Gallery (100 South Main Street). You can check it out when you take the Swiss Hiking Trail on Main Street. They will be talking about the huge impact that Swiss Pikemen and Halberdiers had on the history of warfare. When the going got tough the Swiss got going! Castlerock Museum will be open 1pm to 4pm if you just can't get enough at the Main Street location!

10am to 5pm- Alma Historical Society will have a  booth at the 3G Gallery parking lot. They will Swiss cookbooks, Alma history books and raffle tickets for Quilting On The River sponsored by the Alma Historical Society.  

10am to 5pm - Dan will be in his leather lederhosen and, hopefully, YOU will be hiking the streets of Alma in your Swiss inspired dress. Think lederhosen or Swiss countryside! I realize that lederhosen are more Austrian or German than Swiss but who won't invite a neighbor to a party! You only go round once in life, if you don't do it right this time around, you never will. Please join us in making this a special day.

10am to 5pm - The ALMA SWISS HIKING TRAIL will be open and running from one end of Main Street to the other. You are invited to pick up your ALMA PASSPORT at most any of the local businesses (available soon) and get it stamped at each of the participating shops and galleries you visit.  Many will have some special sale or event going to entertain you. Once you have the required number of stamps, you can submit your ALMA PASSPORT to the participating businesses by 3 pm and they will enter you into a drawing held at 4 pm at the Hotel de Ville. You might win ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ALMA SWISS DOLLARS (similar to US Dollars but not depreciating as quickly) which can be spent at any of the participating businesses. These hard working, creative shop keepers are keeping this wonderful town alive.  Please take a hike and visit them if only to lend much needed moral support for small business.

11 to 4 pm  Along the hiking trail, Mary and Ralph Brindle will be performing with there Alp Horns in or in front of the shops of town.  You can no doubt follow the sound of music to find them.

10am to 4pm - THE ALMA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT will be selling brats at the fire department. It's usually pretty easy to get a tour of the fire truck.  They will also sponsor the exciting  STEINSTOSSEN (rock throwing contest) at 2 pm at the lot across from City Hall.  You will be able to buy a toss and win a prize while supporting the fire department. Let any strong armed friend you have have a go at our 20 pound rock!

4:30 pm to 7pm - The AMERICAN LEGION POST 224 (501 North Main) will offer Bratwurst or steak sandwiches with home made coleslaw and potato salad. They have got to be great as they sold out last year.

12pm to 5pm -  THE EMPIRE ROOM at the HOTEL DE VILLE GRAND will be hosting the one and only MIKE OPITZ, who plays traditional Swiss songs, yodels and will do singalongs if you know the songs (or drink enough Spotted Cow).  He will be performing in the BEER GARDEN patio or indoors if it should rain.

10am to 2pm - THRIVENT FINANCIAL will be generously sponsoring RAY RUBENZER, the one man polka band and yodeling sensation, who will be entertaining at the 3 G Gallery at 100 South Main or in the nearby Lions Hall if it rains.

2pm to 2:30pm -  Don't miss it! If the kids enter the contest and dress up in traditional Swiss attire, they can stop into the Fire and Ice, Ice cream and coffee shop for a free ice cream cone.  Everyone is a winner!

1pm to 4pm - The ALMA HISTORICAL SOCIETY will be open at 505 South Second Street (the OTHER street in Alma, as there are really only two) and will be giving a SHORT Swiss history lesson every hour on the hour along with their usual Museum tour. That museum is a real treat - they don't make them like that anymore. I am certain that Dorothy and company will talk until your heart is content about their beloved Alma and Blanch Schneider, in whose memory this event is being held.  Blanche loved all things Swiss and worked on an annual Swiss event that this one is based on about 15 years ago for the prior 13 years.  

7:30 pm to 10:30 - RED RAM SALOON will host entertainment with XXXXXXXXX at their beer garden.  We look forward to bringing old and new friends together for an evening of music and dancing, just as generations before have done.

Along the way, as you walk from day to day, be sure to thank our special supporters,  TALBOT FAMILY FUNERAL HOME, THE BANK OF ALMA, COLLINS PLUMBING and THRIVENT FINANCIAL for their kind support of our celebration!