Amden (1000m-1684m) is a small resort (approx 20km pistes) on a sunny terrace overlooking Wallensee in Eastern Switzerland. The ski pistes are split up over two areas Amden and Arvenbuehl. These two areas are a bus ride or a drive apart and there is no way of skiing from one to the other. This ski area is a beginners paradise and is rarely crowded, particularly if you continue up the hill past the town of Amden to the Arvenbuehl part of the resort.

The Amden (Mattstock and Bärenfall lifts) area of the resort is the slightly steeper of the two areas. It is served by one slow two seater lift directly from the town. The piste under this lift is quite flat and relatively wide so perfect for perfecting turns either on skis or snowboard. The access to the piste from the top of the lift is narrow and a little bit steep so total beginners may have not enjoy the first 10m or so of piste. After this it becomes the perfect improving piste.

If you follow the cat track to the right from the top of the two seater lift you will come to a T-Bar lift. This brings you to the top of the Steepest piste in Amden which is perfect for intermediates to stretch their wings before being let loose on some of the larger resorts in the area.

While the lifts in Amden are quite slow it is mainly a place where only locals go so there are very rarely any ques for the lifts. Day passes are quite cheap and for the beginner/intermediate skier or boarder it makes a perfect day out.

Teaching a beginner how to snowboard at Amden

The Arvenbühl area is a few kilometers further up the mountain then the town of Amden. The pistes in this area are a little flatter then those found further down. The Leistcham T-Bar lift is the best choice for total beginners. The piste here is wide and very flat, but a little longer then the beginner pistes in many of the bigger resorts, this makes it in my opinion the perfect learning piste. Take your first steps on Skis or a Snowboard here and once you can comfortably manage this slope move over to the two seater Arvenbuehl lift.

The wide and flat slopes at Leistcham are perfect for your first steps on skis or snowboard.