Race 05-2009

RCR - Roeselare

For the fifth round we went to Roeselare on the track of RCR. The forecast was that it would be a sunny day but in the morning we saw a cloudy sky. There were 32 entrees.
In the EFRA class there was Thomas Stockman who was very fast in the first and the second qualification. But in the third qualification was Benoit Thomaes the fastest man on the track and took the pole in front of Thomas Stockman, Nik Weyers, Manuel Henriet, Olivier Bultynck, Nick Joosens, Patrick Jespers, Rico Claeys, Stefaan Rommens en Yves Zoma. The first final was a very close race. It was Benoit Thomaes in the lead, in front of Thomas Stockman and Olivier Bultynck, who took a splendid start. Stockman and Thomaes touched eachother and Olivier Bultynck took the lead in front of Manuel Henriet and Thomas Stockman. Manuel Henriet was pushing hard but it was Olivier Bultynck who took the win. Thomas Stockman came in as third and Nick Joosens as fourth. The second final was a big battle with four cars : Benoit Thomaes, Thomas Stockman, Nick Joosens and Nik Weyers. Benoit drove clean lines and nobody could take the lead from him. Benoit won in front of Thomas Stockman, Nick Joosens third and Nik Weyers fourth. The third and last final would be super exciting because there were some guys who could win the race. Benoit took the lead in front of Thomas Stockman but in the long corner they had a collision and Olivier Bultynck took the lead. Nick Joosens, just behind Olivier, and Manuel Henriet had a big fight for the lead. Olivier Bultynck could hold the lead and take the win in the third final with Manuel Henriet in second and Nick Joosens as third. Final result : Olivier Bultynck (Corally Phi09) overall winner, Manuel Henriet (Schumacher Mi4) second and Thomas Stockman (Xray T2009) in third place.

The Superstock guys were also very fast on this nice track. Nick Logie would be the man to beat on his home track. Nick, a bit sick on saturday, took the pole in front of Stephan Roufosse and Marc Tebaldi on the third spot. Overall leader Geoffrey Vekemans was posted on the sixth place. The first final was a walk over for Nick Logie. Stephan Roufosse had bad luck and Geoffrey Vekemans had to come from sixth place to take second place. Werner Broeckx took the third place in front of good old Michel Mahieu. In the beginning of the second final we saw Nick Logie run away from Stephan Roufosse but in lap 12 Nick made a mistake and Stephan Roufosse came back with Marc Tebaldi just behind. Nick kept the lead and took the win in front of Stephan Roufosse, Marc Tebaldi and Cédric Gils.  The third final was a formallety for Nick Logie but he want to drive. Nick made a little mistake half way and Stephan Roufosse took the lead and the win in this last final. Nick took second and Renaud Gysembergh, who had bad luck this weekend, took the third place. The overall win was for Nick Logie (Xray T2009), second Stephan Roufosse (Tamiya 416) and third Geoffrey Vekemans (Schumacher Mi4).