A historic first collaboration between CITRIS and the Department of African American Studies at UC Berkeley, this conference on Thursday, April 26, 2012 connects Social Innovation and Big Data, seeking to develop new notions regarding the transference of ideas and methods among diverse communities, specifically the making of apps in the interest of society. 

Designed for media professionals, app developers, academics and students, our Thursday, April 26, 2012 conference explores the confluence of diversity and new media technologies through social innovation. 

New phones and apps provide new channels for participation and new modes of motivation. In the glow of the new, we find cause for reflection: 
  1. Who are the new masters of new media, who are the new subjects, and what do we know about these emerging hierarchies? 
  2. How can apps by the people and for the people support new strategies of inclusion and dialogue towards more resilient and diverse communities? 
  3. What distinguishes participation in and mastery of new media? 
  4. What are examples of strategies of inclusion that work best?
  5. What new media tools lead to broader new media mastery?
  6. What collaborative resources support diverse new media?
  7. When can new media lead to democracy and collective renewal? 
Rather than providing opinions on these questions, the speakers and participants of "Swinging and Flowing" will discuss tools to advance the current state of awareness about new media, social networks, inclusion and diversity, so that we can't claim, later on, that we did not know.
We must keep going. And so, if you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. But by all means, keep moving.

The three organizers, Charles Henry, Cecil Brown and Greg Niemeyer thank our three keynote speakers, DJ Spooky, Anna Everett and Helen Milner, and our many esteemed panelists for framing our discussion: 

In order of appearance, the conference will include lectures and panel discussions with Greg Niemeyer, Charles Henry, Cecil Brown, Ashley Ferro-Murray, Anna Everett, Kevin Epps, Lissa Soep, Milton Howard, Ken Osborne, Warren Sack, Wesley Willett, Roy Clay Senior,  Reginold Royston, Helen Milner, Omoju Miller, Jabari Mahiri, Victoria Robinson, Shannon Spanhake,Ayman Shamma, Asha Richardson, Ryan Shelby, Soraya Murray, Jennifer Gonzales, Michelle Fisher, Joshua Jelly-Schapiro, DJ Spooky and Traci Barlow.

The organizers especially thank Paul Wright, the Director of CITRIS, for supporting Data and Democracy, and Lorie Mariano, Karen Stierwalt, Khossrov Taherian, Yvette Subramanian. Courtney Chen, and Ariana Schindler for making the conference happen in the real world.