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The Swinger's Dozen ("S12" for short) was officially formed in January 2006 by a group of enthusiastic swing dancers (and members of the Queen's Swing Club), in response to the growing demand for swing demos and performances on the Queen's University campus, as well as for various causes in the Kingston community. In January 2007, we started a new "junior" troupe, which you can read about here!

Our primary goal is to share our love of swing dancing with the public through performing fun and entertaining choreographies, improvised social dancing, and "mob dances" made up of authentic jazz steps. Some highlights from our danceography include:

  • ACSA Culture Show - April 2005 and March 2007
  • Léo Newman & Devon Winn Workshop - March 2007
  • AMS Charity Ball - January 2007
  • Nathalie Gomes & Yuval Hod Workshop - November 2006
  • QSC's 7th Anniversary Dance - April 2006
  • Cat's Corner Workshop - March 2006
  • Dance & Song at the Baby Grand Theatre - March 2004
  • Alzheimer's Society of Kingston Benefit Gala - February 2004

(For a more comprehensive list, please see Events)

We also aim to improve our dance skills by practicing regularly and learning from professional instructors, in addition to participating in the weekly lessons and social dancing offered through the QSC. Many of our members are also instructors for the QSC (or have been in the past), and we actively participate in Dance Labs and Aerials Practices held by the QSC.

While our main loves are social dancing, teaching and performing, we also competed for the very first time at the Canadian Swing Championships in May 2006, placing 3rd in the Cabaret Division!

The Swinger's Dozen focuses on Lindy Hop, the original swing dance, but we also have a passion for Balboa, Charleston, Shag, Blues, and mob dances (authentic jazz steps).

Previous incarnations of S12 included the Kingston Swing Kids/Limestone City Lindy Hoppers (1999-2004), the Super Troupers (2003-2004), and the (randomly named) AccidentalLyndyhoppers (March 2005 - formed, performed, and disbanded within 12 days!).

For more information, or to invite the Swinger's Dozen to perform at your event, please contact us at: swingersdozen@gmail.com