Social Dance 

 In Korea(especially in Seoul), swing dances usually happen at places called swing bars. It typically opens
around 7PM to the end of the dance and most of dances go from 8PM to 12AM, but it depends on the swing
bar and the day of the week.

  Entrance fees/cover charges differ from one swing bar to the next. You may receive a ticket redeemable
for one bottle/can of a non-alcoholic beverage at a swing bar. 
 Typically 7,000won or 8,000won will get you both entrance to the dance and a drink ticket, while 6,000won
or less sometimes simply get you into the dance. Some swing bars will give you one free entrance for every
ten tickets, so you need to check it on.

 This page is periodically updated, but it is the best to contact me or other Korean swing dancers before you
visit. I look forward to meeting and dancing with you!

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