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        For I am not working on a java project, I have no idea about how to improve Fireworks now. So I really need your help. I add new feature to get your feedbacks directly, please take a look at it and send me your feedbacks if you like Fireworks, or why you don't like it.
    Fireworks 1.18 released
  • fix bug: when a test runs into an endless loop, idea is blocked and have to manually kill the junit-java-task using Task Manager to continue coding.
  • new feature: when the compilation fails, the editor will not switches to the class with errors in it if you uncheck configuration 'auto-show-errors-in-editor-after-compile'.
  • thanks Simon for giving feedback
About Fireworks
We all know about the following steps :
  • Quickly add a test.
  • Run all tests and see the new one fail.
  • Make a little change.
  • Run all tests and see them all succeed.
  • Refactor to remove duplication.
How about these?
  • Quickly add a test.
  • Take a break or review the code.
  • IDE tells me that there is new test fail.
  • Make a little change.
  • Take a break or review the code.
  • IDE tells me all tests succeed.
  • Refactor to remove duplication.
  • Take a drink of coffee and IDE tells me there is no broken test.

It's great that we have time to run all tests continuously. But more tests we wrote, more time costs. It was too much cost for me to run all tests in almost every real project before. So it's better that I just run tests about which are cared recently continuously and run all tests when I finish a task or need to commit code.

Fireworks is such a plugin for helping TDDers to make more pleasure in process of test-driven development by spending more time on writing code. The configuration of "Delay time" is key of when to schedule task of running tests about which are cared after document changed and no error. It's a normal way to trigger a task after a delay time when there is no action performed by keyboard or mouse and all documents have no error marked during period of delay time. Yes, it's not good enough. I am still working on powup it. Yuo can read the changes of version to find what have been improved.

There is a "recent test list" for collecting test about which are cared. JUnit TestCase will be added into "recent test list" when we open or edit it. And there is a regex of test class name for helping us to filter test we don't want to care recently. If there is a test failed after we run all tests by pressing hot key, it will be added into "recent test list" too.

Fireworks is developed on IntelliJ 5.1 build#4155 and has been tested on IntelliJ 6.0 build#5766, and it provides supporting both JUnit3.8 and JUnit4.1 which are used widely (I don't test it in other version of JUnit :p ). So if you still use IntelliJ 5, Fireworks will be a good tool to run Test of JUnit4.1 directly in IntelliJ 5.